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New Japanese Cake Looks Like a Literal Raindrop

New Japanese Cake Looks Like a Literal Raindrop

New York, NY
Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

When you think of your favorite dessert you probably are thinking of decadent cakes, flaky pie crusts, maybe a creamy ice cream. It’s probably safe to say you’re not thinking of a raindrop, but this New York strategist and bakery enthusiast is trying to change that perception in a surprising and mystifying way.

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The Raindrop Cake, brought to New York just last week by Darren Wong, is just what you imagine it to be—a cake that looks like a huge, tasty raindrop. Each cake is made out of just two ingredients to give it its mysterious shape: natural spring water and agar, a vegan substitute for gelatin. The cake is then topped with a black sugar syrup called Kuromitsu and a roasted soy flour called Kinako, according to ABC News.

Wong, who’s father has been a baker his whole life, shared with ABC News that his Raindrop Cake is inspired by traditional Mizu Shingen Mochi from Japan, starting his business after seeing a more modern version making a new headway in that country.

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"I love Japanese cuisine because of it's simple ingredients and stunning presentation," Wong told the news source. "That's what caught my eye about this dessert when I first saw it. [The Raindrop Cake] was a popular dessert in Japan and [I wanted to] introduce Western culture to a different style of dessert."

At $8 a pop, the Raindrop Cake made its U.S. debut at last week’s Smorgasburg event, selling out of all 700 confections. While there are currently no plans in place to expand the business, according to ABC News, Wong commented on his excitement to spread the product’s popularity.

A photo posted by @raindropcake on

"I don't happen to know if it's popular in other countries, but I have been getting media inquiries from other U.S. cities as well as London, Singapore, Indonesia and Germany," Wong added. "I think Raindrop Cake is a fun and playful food experience. It’s really important to me that people get a little smile on their face when they try it."

To learn more about the cake you can visit, and for more magical products entering the bakery, deli, and dairy spheres, check back again with Delimarket News.

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