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Q&A: Base Culture's CEO and Founder Jordann Windschauer

Q&A: Base Culture's CEO and Founder Jordann Windschauer

Wednesday, March 29th, 2017

Appeasing healthy eaters can be hard work—but, should it have to be? As consumers turn to increasingly-healthy eating habits–and traditional foods make way for more gluten-free, non-GMO, and low carb options–retailers and restauranteurs looking to adapt and drive sales have had to work hard at sourcing on-trend items that satiate demand without sacrificing flavor.

Jordann Windschauer, CEO and Founder, Base Culture

With this in mind, I tapped CEO and Founder Jordann Windschauer to find out what goes into making BaseCulture’s exceptionally healthy and consistently delicious baked goods.


Q: How would you describe Base Culture’s guiding philosophy?

A: At Base Culture, all-natural living is our passion. We draw upon our Paleolithic roots to create high-quality baked goods that are simple, natural, and primal. For us, paleo isn’t just a “diet”; it’s a way of life!

Our products are perfect for individuals who want to enjoy baked goods that are made with clean ingredients—free of all preservatives and chemicals. They are soy free, dairy free, peanut free, gluten-free, grain free, non-GMO, paleo, and kosher. But above all, Base Culture products are meant to be enjoyed.

Q: What can you tell me a little about the foundations of Base Culture?

A: During my first 30-day paleo challenge at my Crossfit Gym, I noticed that there was a significant hole in the marketplace! There were simply no baked treats on the grocery stores shelves that supported the paleo diet.

To follow that diet in 2012 meant a lot of cooking. For busy individuals like myself, staying true to the diet proved difficult. Once I began selling my baked goods to the Tampa community, I could see the need for these products was there. It became my goal to bring delicious tasting baked goods to all paleo, gluten-free, and clean label consumers.

I was 22 when I started this journey 4 years ago, in my apartment kitchen, right out of college. Today we are still a certified women-owned business.

Q: Can you provide us with some specifics on the company’s 44,000-sq-ft production facility? When did BaseCulture move to the facility? What motivated the move?

A: I envisioned making Base Culture a household brand name and knew that it could not happen unless we raised the business to the next level. I consulted with my dad, who is also my business partner, on what steps we should we take, and we ended up at a ECRM Frozen Refrigerated and Natural Products Show in California. In 2014, many people didn't even know what Paleo was, and every sales pitch began with an educational element. Even with this barrier, everyone we met with was extremely interested and wanted to purchase the products.

We were both completely overwhelmed with the response the products received, and we realized that we were going to “need a bigger boat.” After nine months of searching for a co-packer, we came up empty-handed. The large retail chains wanted the food that I developed back in my kitchen. They did not want us to change anything; they believed we had something their customers wanted. The answer was obvious. We needed to build our own manufacturing plant so that we could wrap our arms around the process from start to finish to ensure that our commitment to our customers would be upheld.

In December of 2015, we closed our loan and purchased our facility. After exactly one year, we moved into our very own, 44,000-square-foot facility, certified in SQF level 3, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Paleo, Kosher and Woman-Owned manufacturing plant!

Q: Tell me about the genesis of the company’s product line.

A: The first product I developed was our Almond Butter Brownie. I wanted a brownie that I didn’t have to “cheat” on the paleo diet to enjoy. The almond butter swirl on the top of the brownies reminded me of when I used to make brownies with my mom as a child. Afterwards, I came up with the Sweet Banana Bread and our Muffin flavors. The Sticky Granola came shortly after that. There was no rhyme, reason, or strategy in developing these products other than they satisfied my sweet tooth.

Once Base Culture became more of a business, our best-selling Sandwich Bread was the next item to come to life. There were virtually no sandwich breads out there that didn’t break the paleo guidelines. The Nutty Pumpkin Bread and our vegan Fruit & Nut Squares were developed next.

Today, product development and R&D happens constantly. Due to the ever-changing market place, Base Culture has to remain innovative. New products are now determined through an analytical process, but listening to our customers will never change!

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