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Sugar Bowl Bakery Unveils New Compostable Packaging for Organic Line

Sugar Bowl Bakery Unveils New Compostable Packaging for Organic Line

Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Sugar Bowl Bakery announced a strategic move aligning its organic line with a sustainable trajectory. Unveiled at the recent IDDBA show in Houston, the company will now package its organic bakery products in a cutting-edge compostable design.

Andrew Ly, CEO, Sugar Bowl Bakery"Sustainability is at the core of our business, and we are committed to making the company more efficient, serving our customers better and making a difference in the environment," said Andrew Ly, CEO of family and minority-owned Sugar Bowl Bakery. "Creating compostable packaging has been a goal of ours for quite some time now, and I'm happy to say we have finally made our dreams a reality. We are hopeful that our recent innovations will encourage other brands in the industry to follow suit."

According to a recent press release, the organic packagings will be locally-sourced when possible, such as using recycled paperboard for cartons from a plant just 30 miles south of the company’s plant in Hayward, CA. This paperboard will be recycled from retailers within a 150 mile radius of the paperboard plant.

Pete Thomsen, Director of Sales with Sugar Bowl Bakery"Ultimately, this provides our retail partners with a strong statement to stand with us in reducing the carbon footprint in the industry. Many consumers embrace the idea of organic products at this point, so a product that is first and foremost great tasting, and then in addition reduces the greenhouse gases associated with the packaging by 72 percent, is a product I think consumers will be excited to try, to love and tell friends and family about," explained Pete Thomsen, Director of Sales.

The company also stated that each component of the new packaging will be verified compostable, including the wrappers surrounding each product. Sugar Bowl Bakery intends to debut the new packaging with the Organic Brownie Bite and Organic Madeleine lines. 

Petite Brownie Bites

"We are proud to be among the first to embrace compostable packaging in our bakery department, and we believe this aligns with an organic consumer's intent to reduce planetary impact with responsibly sourced products," finished Thomsen. 

This decision came from an effort to continue Sugar Bowl Bakery’s commitment to impacting the environment in a positive way. The company also recently installed a solar energy system, which provides 65 percent of electricity used in the facility, and multiple charging stations for electric vehicles. 

Keep up the heat with DeliMarket News as we continue to report on packaging and sustainability innovations within the industry.

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BelGioioso Cheese - Fresh MozzarellaEiffel Tower - A creamy cow’s milk delight, featuring a chalky white rind and a cream-colored, buttery, soft interior that oozes when at the peak of ripeness and temperature

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