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Tartine Bakery Announces Expansion Plans in California and Abroad

Tartine Bakery Announces Expansion Plans in California and Abroad

San Francisco, CA
Thursday, January 4th, 2018

The iconic Bay Area tastemakers at Tartine Bakery & Café are crossing the ocean and bringing San Francisco baked goods to Seoul, Korea, this month. The company announced its plans to expand internationally via Instagram on the first of the year. The New Year's announcement kicked off a year in which the bakery will expand its presence considerable in California, the East Coast, and abroad.

According to Korean news source Pulse, Tartine Bakery has already established a Korean subsidiary and will open its first café in Hannam-dong, Central Seoul, on January 28th of this month—with three to four more locations planned over the next two years.

Tartine Bakery Bread

The San Francisco Business Times reported last month that Tartine Bakery’s founders Chad Robertson and Elisabeth Prueitt have spent the last year bolstering the company’s supply chain and preparing for growth. The company plans to open a location in the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), a new outpost in Los Angeles, and is, reportedly, eyeing a significant East Coast expansion—with a New York location expected to open later this year.

Chad Robertson, co-founder, Tartine Bakery’“The first conversation we had—other than looking at real estate—was contacting the grain farmers on the East Coast. We wanted someone who has a similar scale and vision to we have here, so we’ll be able to expand faster without compromise. Speed is not the number one goal here, but obviously we’re trying to make moves in an efficient way,” Robertson told the San Francisco Business Times.

Will the San Francisco gastronomic staple scale to an international presence in the bakery world? Deli Market News will continue to report.

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