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Tribeca Oven's George Erasmus and Aileen Semenetz Discuss Craftsmanship

Tribeca Oven's George Erasmus and Aileen Semenetz Discuss Craftsmanship

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

With a wide variety of offerings—including Baguettes, Ciabatta, Hand-shaped specialty loaves, Stiratos, Pullmans, Focaccia, and Burger Buns—Tribeca Oven’s dedicated team of bakers offers fresh-baked flavor and par-baked convenience to its customers throughout the U.S. For more than 30 years, New Jersey-based artisan baker Tribeca Oven has worked to capture the traditional taste and texture of authentic, rustic, artisan breads, and deliver those qualities to consumers en masse.

George Erasmus, Head Baker, Tribeca Oven“If you look at how bread was made years ago, they did not have a lot of technology to help,” George Erasmus, Head Baker for Tribeca Oven, told me. “Our approach is to take old world techniques and modern technology to continue to produce bread in volume while not cutting corners. Our quality and consistency, without additives and processing aids, are at the forefront of the bread making process as we continue to chase greatness.”

It’s with the same focus on traditional processes, with a focus on quality and never cutting corners in service of scale, George explained, that the Tribeca Oven team approaches their work each day.

Aileen Semenetz, Artisan Baker, Tribeca Oven“At Tribeca Oven, we’re not trying to take shortcuts. It is important to us that we keep the bread making process as traditional as possible,” said Aileen Semenetz, Artisan Baker. “For example, an average day at Tribeca Oven starts the day before, because you have to start preparing pre-ferments in advance. This process is for every product because pre-ferments/starters go into all of our doughs.”

It’s touches like this that contribute to impressive taste, quality, and hand-crafted presentation of Tribeca Oven’s products.

Fresh rolls come down the production line at Tribeca Oven

“We focus on flavor throughout our pre-ferment process. The subtle differences bring out complexity of flavors that customers appreciate when they taste the bread,” added George, who noted the painstaking efforts Tribeca Oven goes through to ensure that quality is not only consistent—it’s excellent. “Without adding artificial ingredients or additives to speed up the process, we’re putting in the extra effort to bring customers quality product. As we grow, we are committed to keeping our quality at the highest level, choosing ingredients that ensure great flavor and texture. As an example, we hand sauté our garlic to mellow the flavor in the process bringing just the right amount of garlic to every bite.”

Artisan Bakers adding the handcrafted touch to the products at Tribeca OvenWith a commitment to traditional baking craft, high-quality ingredients, and to making product free of artificial preservatives and additives, Tribeca Oven has everything its customers need to offer handmade artisan quality writ large. Tribeca Oven products are all-natural, non-GMO products, free of artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and additives—and many are Kof-K Kosher, USDA Organic, No GMO Ingredients, and Whole Grains Council certified, as well.

“Our bread doesn’t taste commercialized. The additives and other chemicals used to extend shelf life or reduce costs can give bread an 'off' taste,” said Aileen. “When you taste our bread, you don’t get that. You’re tasting the grains, the rosemary, the sour flavor, but it’s not artificial.”

A subsidiary of C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc., Tribeca Oven provides artisan bread products to retail and foodservice markets across the country. For more information, visit Tribeca Oven’s website.

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