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Venus Wafers President Jim Anderko Talks New Website and Brand Opportunities

Venus Wafers President Jim Anderko Talks New Website and Brand Opportunities

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017

Specialty products in the deli realm continue to grow, including Venus Wafers’ three leading brands. To further its Mariner, CaPeachio’s, and Nejaime’s Lavasch lines, Venus has unveiled an updated website to further benefit its consumer and customer partners.

As Jim Anderko, Venus’s President recently told me, Venus Wafers underwent the fresh online facelift to better represent the company portfolio online. The appealing aesthetic of the newly revamped site also offers additional educational opportunities for the company and its brands.

Venus Wafers New Website

“We wanted to help people learn about our brands and specific offerings. Venus Wafers has been natural since we were founded in 1931. As our three main brands grow in popularity along with interest in non-GMO and natural foods, the website gives us a place to show what makes our company special,” Mr. Anderko tells me.

The website also portrays the rich history associated with the company’s brands, tasted by consumers in each bite. For instance, the site details how the whole, all-natural ingredients of Napoleon Barmakian’s flatbreads has grown to be a renowned company tradition.

“We’re not jumping onto the natural foods bandwagon, because it’s the latest trend. We’re natural because that’s just how we’ve done things here from the beginning, since we were founded 85 years ago,” Anderko says of the company and website’s association. “For people looking for the finest quality baked crackers and flatbreads, Venus has the highest standards.”

Each cracker made by Venus Wafers for deli-loving consumers across its three brands, is certified as the following:

  • Kosher
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO

The new website, details Anderko, was built upon conversations surrounding the company’s specialty foods retailers and customers. “We’re always talking with our customer partners about what they like, and what they’re looking for,” Anderko says.

Recognizing that specialty crackers and flatbreads are part of every consumer’s deli-minded purchases, the company offers a variety of flavor profiles and convenient sizes sure to entice shoppers. For a tasty bite, along with a feast for their eyes from the website, Venus Wafers suggests its Mariner Stoned Wheat crackers, available in Bite Size or Long Box, and Mariner Water Crackers, available in Original, Olive Oil & Sea Salt, Cracked Peppercorn, and Toasted Sesame flavors.

Headed to Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco at the end of the month? Stop by booth #1270 to learn more about Venus and its brands.

As Venus Wafers continues to keep a close eye on the buy-side segment, Deli Market News will report on all the latest innovations.

Venus Wafers

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