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Virginia Man Busted for Failed Cocaine Cake Shop Drug Front, Nabbed for $700,000 in Unpaid Taxes

Virginia Man Busted for Failed Cocaine Cake Shop Drug Front, Nabbed for $700,000 in Unpaid Taxes

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

A co-owner of the now-closed G’s Cake Shop is buried in the legal dustings of a failed drug operation. Vernon Michael Norvell has pled guilty to charges resulting from using the store as a front for dealing cocaine

According to The Virginian-Pilot, Norvell and his wife, Cheron Marie Johnson, pled guilty to conspiracy charges of narcotics distribution and money laundering on Monday in a U.S. District court. Norvell and Johnson were also dealing drugs from their home in Portsmouth. 

These charges follow an 18-month investigation led by local and federal authorities after the couple made over $760,000 in unexplained bank deposits, which included hefty cash deposits of $338,860.

Photo Source: Scott Daugherty, The Virginian-Pilot

So just how did the milk get spilled in this cake shop front? Norvell and Johnson bought G’s Cake Shop from relatives in 2013 to aid in the illicit distribution, and sold product a number of times to police-cooperating defendants.

After opening the cake shop, Norvell and Johnson also opened a series of bank accounts to try and bypass federal bank reporting requirements. 

In additionally incriminating evidence, the accused also left cocaine for clients in their home and vehicle, and used the undocumented profits to fund, and flaunt, expensive apparel and real estate purchases. 

Prosecutors are seeking a $690,000 judgement against Norvell, and a $338,860 judgement against Johnson. Under the deal agreements, the couple must forfeit their home and their three vehicles.

Neither the prosecuting or defense teams have released a statement or comment about the charges or G's Cake Shop's closing.

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