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Bread Takes Center Stage in “I Am Bread” Video Game

Bread Takes Center Stage in “I Am Bread” Video Game

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

“I Am Bread” isn’t your average video game.

Who would have thought that a slice of bread could become an intrepid hero in an epic journey to become a crisp, delicious piece of toast? That’s your goal in “I Am Bread,” a game developed by Bossa Studios. Turns out, it's no simple task.

It’s just as absurd as it sounds, but it’s the charm of your doughy adventurer and silliness of the game as a whole that compels you to traverse the vast wastelands of a treacherous kitchen to reach toasty perfection. The title recently launched on iOS devices and is also currently available on PC and PlayStation 4. 

“I Am Bread” begs the question: Does deli have a home in video games? If “I Am Bread” is anything to consider, I’d say so.

I Am Bread

The game asks players to go where no slice of bread has gone before in six different modes of play: Story Mode, Cheese Hunt, Bagel Race, Rampage, Zero-G, and Free-play.

In Story Mode, your crumbly daredevil will flip, flop, flail, swing, and climb hazards in eight suburban environments all in an effort to toast itself in the wackiest way possible. Why use a toaster when you can heat your slice of bread on radiators or even hairdryers? Any source of heat can help you reach the upper echelon of toast, but be warned – your “edibility” meter, or essentially a health bar, will start to drop if you touch the floor.

I Am Bread

In Cheese Hunt, you are a fragile cracker tasked with searching for pieces of cheese – a classic deli accompaniment. Bagel Race takes you on a ride through a high-speed obstacle course and challenges you to top your fastest time. In Rampage, you play as an angry baguette that seeks to rain destruction upon everything. Bread even ventures out into space in Zero-G mode where floating hazards will test your maneuverability. And finally, Free-play allows you to explore to your content as any bread type that you have unlocked.

I Am Bread

Make no mistake. The game’s clumsy controls provide another buttery layer of difficulty on top of an already challenging goal. You may start ripping your hair out in frustration, but if you can rise to the occasion, you may just find that you can’t put the game down.

Click here to download “I Am Bread” on iOS

Click here to download “I Am Bread” on PC

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