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Ahold Delhaize Acquires 39 DEEN Stores

Ahold Delhaize Acquires 39 DEEN Stores

Tuesday, February 16th, 2021

A major shift happened recently in the retail landscape. DEEN, a grocery store operator in the Netherlands, reached an agreement with Albert Heijn, Vomar Voordeelmarkt, and DekaMarkt to sell all 80 DEEN Supermarket stores to these three parties. Of the 80 stores, Ahold Delhaize is taking over 39 stores from the chain. These 39 stores will be converted to the Albert Heijn banner.

Marit van Egmond, Brand President and Chief Executive Officer, Albert Heijn“Together with the Deen family and the CEO of DEEN Supermarkets, we have extensively and carefully explored the options. We are happy that together with them, Vomar, and DekaMarkt, we have achieved this result today,” stated Marit van Egmond, Brand President and CEO of Albert Heijn. “For Albert Heijn, it is a unique addition to our store base in North Holland and an important strategic step. DEEN is a traditional Dutch family business, committed with heart and soul to their employees and customers. The expertise, the experience in the stores, and their strong commitment to the community are a great fit with everything we also stand for. Together with DEEN’s employees, we look to the future with confidence.”

According to Ahold’s release, competitors Vomar Voordelmarkt and DekaMarkt were also part of the deal, with the former buying 22 stores and the latter buying 19.

Ahold Delhaize is taking over 39 stores from the DEEN Supermarkets chain

Financial details were not disclosed at this time. It is expected that the transaction will close sometime later this year.

Although the move is international, it speaks to Ahold’s intent to expand and bring unique retail formulas to market. One can only think about how it will translate over to the retailer’s U.S. expansion strategy.

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