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Aldi Has Eyes on the Houston Market

ALDI has its eye on the Houston market, with plans to open 30 new stores over the next three years. Its expansion in Texas will add 400 jobs and an investment of over $100 million of capital expenditures to the local communities. The first ALDI ten stores to debut in Houston will open in the Spring of 2013. Shoppers can expect to find over 1,400 of the most frequently purchased fresh produce, fresh meats and grocery items under ALDI exclusive brands. The Houston locations will feature higher ceilings, enhanced natural lighting and environmentally friendly construction materials. Scott Huska, Division Vice President, States, "Our history and recent growth in Texas has us poised for great success in the Houston area as more and more shoppers are discovering the high-value, high-quality shopping experience that ALDI offers." Mr. Huska, continues, "Our expansion will bring job opportunities with excellent pay and benefits to the Houston area. We are excited to bring these benefits to Houston as we continue our expansion in Texas."