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Amazon and Whole Foods Implement New Strategies, Hire 75K More Team Members

Amazon and Whole Foods Implement New Strategies, Hire 75K More Team Members

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020

The deli department, and grocery as a whole, has come far in the world of online shopping, but few so far as Amazon.

Once known more for book delivery than grocery and additional goods, the e-tailer has since expanded and continues to expand its portfolio within our industry. Now, Amazon is evolving further by ramping up its personnel while its affiliates implement increased safety protocols and resources.

According to Amazon's COVID-19 Blog, the company announced it is planning on hiring 75,000 more team members in order to fill the surging need for delivery and warehouse stocking.

Amazon will also launch a new feature that will allow customers to secure time to shop, giving delivery customers a virtual “place in line” and allowing it to distribute delivery windows on a first-come, first-served basis. This latest move should be seen in the coming weeks.

Amazon and Whole Foods have enacted several new strategies to combat the effects of COVID-19, including the hiring of 75,000 new team members

The e-tailer listed several new ways, in addition to the above announcements, it’s getting groceries to shoppers during the COVID-19 crisis, including:

  • Investing more than $500 million to support employees and partners during the crisis
  • Temporary changes to in-store offerings, which include no longer allowing personal, reusable containers, no self-serve offerings or sampling, and seating areas are temporarily unavailable
  • Expanded Whole Foods Market grocery pickup from roughly 80 stores to more than 150 and will continue to expand grocery pickup in the coming weeks
  • Adjusted store hours for select Whole Foods Market locations to focus exclusively on fulfilling online grocery orders during this time
  • Opened its Woodland Hills, California, grocery store as a temporary online-only store, focused exclusively on fulfilling grocery delivery orders.

Amazon noted it has hired more than 100,000 people since March 16, including for grocery delivery. As more news in this and other spaces of our industry come to light, keep an eye out for Deli Market News.