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Amazon Announces Two New Fulfillment Centers in Kansas

Amazon Announces Two New Fulfillment Centers in Kansas

Friday, October 23rd, 2020

This holiday season will be unlike any other, and Amazon is one e-commerce company sure to see a major boom in business. As consumers continue to rely on delivery services for the majority of their eating experiences, the need for widespread, efficient distribution is greater than ever. It seems that Amazon is more than ready for the holidays, though, as the company recently opened two new fulfillment centers in Kansas.

Alicia Boler Davis, Vice President of Global Customer Fulfillment, Amazon“We’re excited to continue our growth and investment across Kansas so we can better serve our customers throughout the state,” said Alicia Boler Davis, Vice President of Global Customer Fulfillment. “We are grateful for the strong support we’ve received from local and state leaders, and we look forward to ingraining ourselves in the communities in which we serve.”

According to a press release, the new fulfillment centers will together create over 1,000 new, full-time jobs with industry-leading pay and comprehensive benefits starting on day one.

Amazon is continuing to meet the demand for online delivery by opening two new fulfillment centers in Kansas

The facilities stand at one million square feet apiece and will be located at 9700 Leavenworth Road in Kansas City, and 7130 North Broadway Avenue in Park City.

In addition to the two new fulfillment centers, Amazon also plans to open a new delivery station in Wichita, Kansas, which is expected to launch later in 2020.

Though we have not been able to confirm Amazon’s official plans for these facilities, we at Deli Market News suspect that fresh and specialty foods will be on the list.