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The Ambriola Company Unveils New Line and Strategy

The Ambriola Company Unveils New Line and Strategy

Friday, September 11th, 2020

What is a cheese board without cheese? In need of improvement if you ask me! The Ambriola Company is coming up on its 100 years in business, and the company knows that cheese is a necessity, even during these trying times. I tapped Phil Marfuggi, President and CEO, to discuss the new products and strategies the company has rolled out to keep retailers’ cheese cases locked and loaded.

Phil Marfuggi, President and Chief Executive Officer, The Ambriola Company“We have adjusted our way of doing business and are looking at more and more products that can provide the convenience and flavor our customers and consumers are looking for. That’s why we introduced our latest Ambriola line of cups and wedges,” Phil explains. “We are supporting our partners the best we can, and we’re hoping to come out of this stronger than before.”

With more consumers opting to satisfy their cheese cravings at home, Ambriola has adapted to keep up with demand. Now, the cheesemaker delivers its products in random or exact weight packaging and offers its portfolio in shredded, grated, cups, bags, or wedges, including its newest line of Ambriola Parmigiano-Reggiano, Imported Parmesan, and Three Cheese blend.

The Ambriola Company continues to launch new products and strategies to keep retailers' cheese programs competitive

Demands are still being met by Ambriola despite the setbacks the pandemic has caused. Measures such as social distancing in production rooms, increased shifts, and increased packaging formats have allowed Ambriola to deliver its famous lines of products to retail partners and customers.

“The pandemic has changed our business for now because our customers are requiring some different options, but we're still offering the same range of quality products they’re looking for,” Phil comments. “At this time, we’re offering more pre-packaged items along with our bulk and quarter wheels. This cuts down on labor and waste at retail while still offering options for consumers in the varieties they want.”

The Ambriola Company recently launched a new line of cups and wedges to better support what consumers are looking for at market

Popular items such as the Locatelli 8 oz grated cup and Pecorino Romano wedges are still a major hit at retail. Ambriola’s Sunday Blend, a combination of imported Parmesan and Locatelli, has also taken off and is garnering major interest amongst consumers.

With cost-saving strategies and retailers at the forefront of Ambriola’s approach, what can the deli and dairy sector expect next from this powerhouse company? Deli Market News will continue to report on the developments to come, so keep checking back for more.

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