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Atalanta's Katie Baldwin Discusses New Cracking Good Cheese Brand

Atalanta's Katie Baldwin Discusses New Cracking Good Cheese Brand

Wednesday, June 19th, 2024

The British are coming, but believe me when I say New York will not wish to dump any of this new cheese in the harbor—they’ll be too busy enjoying it! Uniting a number of winning products under a new brand, Atalanta will be introducing thousands to Cracking Good cheese at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show.  

Katie Baldwin, Senior Brand Manager, Atalanta Corporation“We recognized an opportunity to unite the different regions of the British Isles under one cohesive brand, offering a breadth of standout products thoughtfully designed for the U.S. consumer,” Katie Baldwin, Senior Brand Manager, tells me.  

At risk of sounding as though I’ve already fallen for the launch, it must be said that the identity is a bit cheeky to say the least. Katie agrees that it was an intentional pull to highlight the fun of British culture and further compel consumers

Recognizing an opportunity to unite regions under the British Isles into one cohesive brand, Atalanta recently launched Cracking Good “We like to say the brand is playful with lots of character, but when it comes to the Cheddars themselves, Cracking Good is no-nonsense, good cheese,” she shares with a smile.  

Approachable for the deli case shopper with a lot of opportunity to have fun with British style, Atalanta reached out to a trusted export partner in the U.K. Coombe Castle to utilize tested expertise and carefully select what would make the Cracking Good Cheese line live up to its name, navigating region and texture nuance, as well as exploring flavor profiles.  

The result, as we reported previously, is an Irish Mature Cheddar, aged 9 months, an Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar, aged 12 months, and a Vintage English Cheddar, aged 14 months.  

Cracking Good as a brand is both playful and approachable and armed with plenty of incredible Cheddars“This range strikes a balance between U.K. grading terminology and the insights we have on the U.S. consumer understanding of aging,” Kaite shares.  

Unveiled initially at IDDBA earlier this month to a strong response, part two of the Cracking Good debut will be in New York City June 23–25, just in time to prime the market before officially hitting shelves July 1.  

See for yourself this great representation of dairy prowess from across the pond when you visit Atalanta’s booth #2840 at the 2024 Summer Fancy Food Show.

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