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Belle Chevre Debuts New Foodservice Lineup; Pierre Guérin Details

Belle Chevre Debuts New Foodservice Lineup; Pierre Guérin Details

Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

Crafting delicious culinary creations just got that much easier! Bringing top-quality flavor and convenience to the foodservice space, Belle Chevre has uncovered an advantageous new foodservice lineup. Multiple enticing items comprise this innovative portfolio, bringing forth a collection of products under both the Belle Chevre and CHEVOO labels.

Pierre Guérin, President and Co-Owner, Belle Chevre/CHEVOO“Under the Belle Chevre brand, we have launched 1.5 oz portion cups of our spreadable goat cheese, available in Original and our award-winning flavors Honey and Fig,” explains Pierre Guérin, President and Co-Owner of Belle Chevre. “CHEVOO has also launched a 2.3 lb compact, resealable container of 75 fresh goat cheese cubes marinated in our proprietary EVOO blends.”

The launch of these foodservice items caters to a variety of rising demands in the foodservice space, including the increasing focus on food delivery, global cuisine, spices, and health and nutrition.

“Belle Chevre’s 1.5 oz cup goat cheese spread is great for food delivery when ready-to-use portion sizes are needed, and they’re cost-effective,” adds Pierre. “As a cream cheese-style product, there are many opportunities with portion-sized cups for Belle Chevre’s spreadable goat cheese. While requests from airline representatives prompted us to consider this format, there are many other outlets such as bagel shops and operators that sell grab-and-go items.”

Belle Chevre has uncovered an advantageous new foodservice lineup

Complementary to this lineup, the new CHEVOO offerings deliver on the demand for global flavors and spicy products. For example, the brand’s Herbes de Provence variety features French herbs blended into the cheese and paired with a garlic-infused EVOO blend, while the Urfa Chili & Lemon flavor brings the smokiness of Urfa Chili from Turkey matched with Aleppo peppers from the namesake city in Syria.

These unique flavors stand alongside a line of other alluring combinations, including Original (Smoked Salt & Rosemary), Italian Black Truffle, and Dill Pollen & Garlic.

“We had many requests from restaurant chefs and other operators at golf clubs, wedding venues, and more for an easy, healthy, and upscale add-on to classic salads and sides that do not require any labor or preparation in the kitchen,” Pierre tells me. “As chefs are always looking for products that are easy to use and offer multiple usages, it made sense to provide CHEVOO in a format for their needs with a cost-controlled size. Not only do we offer five flavors, but the applications are endless.”

The company’s CHEVOO lineup—now available in a foodservice format—delivers on the demand for global flavors and spicy products

As Pierre lists, the product can be added to salads and soups, placed atop veggies, smeared on steak or burgers, featured on charcuterie boards and grazing tables, included on pizza, pasta, or flatbread, and much more.

“The six-month shelf-life of CHEVOO reduces the risk of waste, and the flavorful marinated oil can be used as one would use regular olive oil, like sautéing vegetables, or as an ingredient in salad dressings,” Pierre also points out.

Belle Chevre 1.5 oz portions and CHEVOO’s foodservice items are made-to-order. Don’t miss out on this convenient new lineup!

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