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Boxed Deli Introduces Innovative Format

Boxed Deli Introduces Innovative Format

Friday, April 21st, 2023

How can you pack the deli department into a neat package for consumers? Well, if you are Boxed Deli, you take that challenge literally. The newly launched deli delivery service includes boxes with best-in-class cheeses paired with wines, ciders, and craft beers.

Sunit Mehta, Managing Director, Rowcliffe“We are delighted to launch our unique deli delivery service and the team is excited to offer the U.K. public our best-in-class range of fine food and drinks,” Sunit Mehta, Managing Director, commented. “Our pairing boxes offer a range of award-winning and artisan cheeses that are paired perfectly with some exceptional wines and some truly delicious craft beers and ciders. They are the perfect partner for an amazing night in with family or friends and also make an ideal gift.”

According to a press release, all the wines, beers, and ciders included in its boxes have been sourced to accompany and complement the artisan range of cheeses, charcuterie, and fine foods. Boxed Deli has also partnered with Belvoir Farms for a range of non-alcoholic beverages and cocktails to complement the foods.

Newly launched deli delivery service Boxed Deli includes boxes with best-in-class cheeses paired with wines, ciders, and craft beers

The delivery service will also be offering a range of alternative celebration cakes made from the finest cheese. All cheeses are handcrafted and perfectly matured for quality flavors by cheesemakers who are sourced locally from the United Kingdom and Continental farmhouse producers.

Boxed Deli aims to represent and support many of Britain’s and Europe’s talented farmers and artisan producers and offer products with a true provenance, made from traditional recipes, with hand-crafted skills and integral stories, delivered directly to the consumer’s door.

We will be keeping an eye on this industry up-and-comer, so don’t go anywhere.

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