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Butterball Debuts New Premium Snacking Line

Tuesday, January 21st, 2020

As part of its renewed focus on infusing the turkey space with innovation, Butterball is launching a new snacking line: PREIMUM SNACKS—a portfolio of high-quality seasoned turkey breast slices paired with unique sweet and savory sides. The launch comes at a time when Butterball is doubling down on new product development centered around identifying unmet consumer needs in the turkey category—which led it to a previously unexplored category for the brand: snacking!

Jeff Mundt, Vice President of Research and Development and Innovation, Butterball“There has been a significant demographic shift in recent years and the buying power of younger consumers means companies have to be constantly innovating to adapt to the changing demands and desires,” said Jeff Mundt, Vice President of Research and Development and Innovation. “It’s an exciting time to be innovating for a storied brand like Butterball. We’re always looking for ways to introduce fun and energizing creations that get people excited about new ways to enjoy a favorite protein.”

Butterball's PREMIUM SNACKS is a portfolio of high-quality seasoned turkey breast slices paired with unique sweet and savory sides

Snacking is a sector with its fingers in almost every category in our industry—and consumers are only encouraging this reach tenfold (95 percent of Americans report that they snack daily and 70 percent snack 2+ times a day). Now, Butterball is adding its name to the snacking ring with a product that maximizes convenience without sacrificing taste, quality, or the naturally lean protein option consumers seek to fit their healthy lifestyle.

Michelle Lieszkovsky, Innovation Brand Manager, Emerging Innovation, Butterball“Snacking is a popular category that is already filled with many protein options, so we challenged ourselves to find a way to make Butterball PREMIUM SNACKS stand out on the shelf,” said Michelle Lieszkovszky, Innovation Brand Manager, Emerging Innovation. “Moving away from the typical cheese and cracker varieties or the protein-only options often found in the snacking space allowed us to venture into more complex flavor combinations and offer unexpected snack components like cornbread crisps and dried pineapple. We’ve reimagined the snacking space and struck the perfect balance of coupling unique flavors with a strong nutrition profile.”

According to a press release, the new line was inspired by distinct meal occasions, reflected in the flavor varieties in the line, which include the following:

  • Thanksgiving seasoned turkey breast with stuffing bites and dried cranberries
  • Citrus teriyaki seasoned turkey breast with sesame sticks and dried pineapple pieces
  • Cajun seasoned turkey breast with cornbread crisps and dried apple pieces

Each snack is portioned for a convenient, indulgent flavor experience, contains 100 percent all-natural turkey breast with 10 grams of protein, only 140-180 calories per serving, and hearty portions of high-quality meat with lower sodium compared to leading competitors.

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