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Cargill Launches New Grill Mates® Marinated Turkey Breast Tenderloins

Cargill Launches New Grill Mates® Marinated Turkey Breast Tenderloins

Sunday, March 8th, 2020

In a first-ever partnership, Cargill’s Honeysuckle White® and Shady Brook Farms® brands have teamed up with McCormick® to introduce a delicious, new co-branded product: Grill Mates® Marinated Turkey Breast Tenderloins. Rolling out in two distinguished flavors, the Grill Mates Marinated Turkey Tenderloins were developed to refresh the tenderloin category with more relevant flavor profiles and provide consumers with a convenient, easy-to-prepare protein option.

Tammy Shaw, Director of Retail Marketing, Cargill Protein-North America“The development of the new-to-market Grill Mates Marinated Turkey Breast Tenderloins was spurred by the opportunity to innovate in a category that has not experienced much change in recent years. As a brand with tremendous power in the flavor and seasoning space, Grill Mates was the perfect partner for revamping the tenderloin segment with new insight-driven flavor profiles. Having just hit stores this January, we anticipate that these new products will succeed at retail through our co-branded partnership with McCormick,” said Tammy Shaw, Cargill Protein North America Director of Retail Marketing.

Cargill's partnership with McCormick® innovates its product portfolio with new fresh flavors for the tenderloin category

The need for convenience is boosting demand for value-added proteins, as stated by Tammy. Younger consumers, full-time employees, and consumers with children all have limited time to cook meals at home and desire simple, healthy meal offerings. According to the Power of Meat 2019 report, value-added meat has been a growth driver for several years, based on the combination of a higher consumption frequency and an increase in household penetration. In 2018, value-added meat purchases increased by 5.1 percent in dollar volume over the prior year.

Cargill’s consumer research revealed that:

  • 84 percent of consumers are familiar with the McCormick Grill Mates brand
  • 71 percent of consumers said they like the McCormick Grill Mates brand
  • And 66 percent said the McCormick Grill Mates brand fit well with turkey tenderloins

Cargill's new Marinated Turkey Breast Tenderloins answer consumer demand for convenient protein options

Cargill’s consumer and category research demonstrated that seasoned flavors appeal to a broad audience, and according to McCormick, Montreal steak seasoning is the most popular flavor in grilling blends and rubs, drawing 11 percent of all sales in the category. The popularity of the Montreal steak flavor inspired the Montreal Turkey Seasoning variety of the Grill Mates Marinated Turkey Breast Tenderloins.

Additionally, the company launched its Southwest Style Chipotle Tenderloins, and both it and the Montreal steak flavor were rolled out in select retail locations last month. Those who just can’t get enough of these tenderloins are in luck as a Garlic & Herb flavored variety of the Grill Mates Marinated Turkey Breast Tenderloins will launch this spring.

For your consumers looking for convenient, value-added eating solutions, be sure to check out the new Grill Mates Marinated Turkey Tenderloins. And, as always, stick with us here at Deli Market News.