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Charlito's Cocina Debuts New Product

Charlito's Cocina Debuts New Product

Thursday, June 11th, 2020

A salami that can be eaten as a snack and utilized on a charcuterie board? No need to pinch yourself, buyers, I’m not messing with you. Charlito’s Cocina’s 1 oz salami stick is about to be the cross-merchandising opportunity of your dreams. I spoke with Charles Wekselbaum, Owner, to learn more about this upcoming product.

Charles Wekselbaum, Owner, Charlito’s Cocina“In its essence, this snack stick is a really thin salami that doubles as a charcuterie board sample as well as a convenient snack,” Charles noted. “It’s a naturally air dried salami, not heat treated, which helps to preserve the integrity of the protein.”

He explained to me that he’s been hoping to take the mystery out of the cured meat category by being transparent about the quality of the ingredients.

“You know exactly what you’re getting in our product,” he stated. “Our ingredient statements are clear and to the point, letting you know exactly what is in the product without any vague wording, such as 'spices' or 'natural flavors.' "

Charlito’s Cocina is prepping to roll out its 1 oz salami stick, which is bound to be a cross-merchandising boon

The new meat sticks will come in two flavor profiles: Sea Salt + Pork and Mild Chorizo Seco. Sea Salt + Pork is cured with a rich and complex fleur de sel, whereas the Chorizo Seco is seasoned with that same fleur de sel, with the addition of pimentón and garlic. Simple ingredients with a powerful taste.

"We also want to offer our product in as accessible a format as possible. This format allows us to sell them at a retail price well under four dollars. It's an economical way for consumers to eat a really high-quality piece of cured meat," he remarked.

Debuting at retail, be on the lookout for the latest in snacking and charcuterie innovation. These will also be available to purchase by the case, for home delivery, at And as always, keep reading Deli Market News to discover the latest in innovative products.

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