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Emmi Roth's Athenos Brand Hummus Line Expands; Amie Wentz Comments

Emmi Roth's Athenos Brand Hummus Line Expands; Amie Wentz Comments

Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023

Hummus offers the versatility shoppers expect from a snacking item. There are multiple applications for the spread and its popularity has yet to wane at retail. Emmi Roth completed its acquisition of Athenos in 2021, and has since taken the brand’s products to new heights.

I spoke with Amie Wentz, Senior Brand Manager, Emmi Roth, to find out more.

Amie Wentz, Senior Brand Manager, Emmi Roth“Our renovated line includes our Original, Roasted Garlic, and Roasted Red Pepper flavors, as well as our exciting new Chocolate, Pine Nut, Supremely Spicy, and Zesty Lemon,” she shared with me. “These flavors are shipping now and will be available in stores in April.”

Offered in 8 and 14 oz sizes, both with and without toppings, the new recipe includes sunflower and olive oil without the preservative sorbic acid. The hummus is also made from chickpeas that are steamed and not boiled, which promotes a creamier texture.

“Retailers are really excited about the cleaner label, packaging, and texture,” Amie added. “The Athenos packaging is fun, energetic, and colorful, with the product now visible to the consumer.”

Hummus is a key player in expanding the dip category, which is predicted to grow by $400 million over the next four years, according to the Technavio Global Hummus Market Report.

After completing its acquisition of Athenos, Emmi Roth has renovated its line to take the brand’s products to new heights

“We’re continuing to leverage our strong brand awareness to drive sales in the hummus category. Our team is dedicated to helping drive retail sales with a fresh new advertising program that will launch in May.

“To protect our consumer-preferred recipe, we use a proprietary bacteria kill system in our manufacturing. This ensures the consumer is getting our highest standard of products,” Amie emphasized.

She recommends merchandising Athenos Hummus with the deli dips at eye level, in between other consumer and store brands.

“Retailers should also consider merchandising Athenos hummus by dipping vegetables and pita bread, naan, and other refrigerated wraps,” she concluded.

Deli Market News will continue to report on the latest products in the specialty sector, so stay tuned.

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