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Ficacci Olive Company Expands on Popular PaperTray Launch in Time for IDDBA and SFFS 2023; Giuseppe Ficacci Details

Ficacci Olive Company Expands on Popular PaperTray Launch in Time for IDDBA and SFFS 2023; Giuseppe Ficacci Details

Thursday, June 1st, 2023

We are approaching a milestone anniversary for Ficacci Olive Company’s eco-friendly and recyclable PaperTray, an offering that keeps olives fresh as plastic container predecessors without brine.

Giuseppe Ficacci, Owner, Ficacci Olive Company“The patented packaging technology preserves the product just like traditional trays, however using 85 percent less plastic,” Giuseppe Ficacci, Owner, said.

The Specialty Food Association’s 2023 Summer Fancy Food Show (SFFS) next month marks the first anniversary since the product’s introduction—the perfect time for Ficacci to revisit the pack and introduce expanded capabilities.

“We received a request from the market for closure of the product to save the product for later,” Giuseppe explained. “Adding a plastic lid would obviously go in the opposite direction of the concept, so we further innovated the packaging by adding an open and close top film that can be re-sealed with simple pressure on the edges of the package. Further, our paper-based range now includes two new formats: a party board for club stores and a slimmer option with a displaying window for vertical refrigerators. We invite you to join us at our upcoming events in California (International Deli Dairy Bakery Association booth #4700) or New York (SFFS booth #553) to see these new additions. Don't miss the chance to check them out for yourself!”

Capable of being directly displayed on the table, unlike traditional plastic tubs which often involve the use of ceramic or glass bowls, this might make the PaperTray truly perfect.

“Our offering helps retailers meet assortment demands, enabling them to offer more than 25 varieties of olives, bruschetta, and appetizers, something very hard and expensive to achieve with the old-fashioned olive bars,” Giuseppe shared as we discussed how retailers can continue to lean into the pack’s advantages.

Ficacci’s FreshPack, in tandem with its PaperTray, can also be a support for olive bars sales. Conceived as a white-label product emulating the fresh-cut of supermarkets, the option evokes the fresh imagery of being prepared in the store's deli department together with the fresh cuts of cold cuts, charcuterie, and cheeses.

Ficacci Olive Company’s eco-friendly and recyclable PaperTray hits its one-year anniversary milestone at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show

“We are in full penetration of these products in the U.S., and retailers willing to introduce them this season will take advantage of the amazing allowances available only through our national distributor Gourmet Foods International,” Giuseppe concluded, adding that big promotions are currently available for both.

Designated in the U.S. as “widely recyclable if clean and dry, only if the plastic film is properly removed” by the How2Reycle Labeling Program, this is no small step for Ficacci or for olives.

Try this burgeoning portfolio out for yourself by swinging by. For IDDBA next week in Anaheim, California, June 4–6, mark down booth #4700. Later in the month, visit booth #553 while in New York City, New York, June 25–27 for the 2023 SFFS.

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