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Food Lion Re-opening Its Distribution Center In Dunn, North Carolina

Dunn, NC Delhaize America and Food Lion have re-opened its distribution center in Dunn, North Carolina. In April, 2011 the facility was severely damaged by a tornado, and the company has worked the year through to complete construction and expansion at the location. The distribution center services 270 Food Lion stores in North Carolina. The facility offers an expanded refrigerating and frozen section of an additional 54,000 square feet and provides added space for over 4,000 dairy, meat and frozen food products to be stored. More than 1.4 million cases of products are shipped from the facility each week. Food Lion President Cathy Green Burns, stated, "Food Lion is extremely grateful for the dedication of the Dunn distribution and transportation associates who support our stores and enable us to deliver grocery products to our customers every day." She continues, "We are proud of this most recent business expansion in North Carolina and the re-opening of the center to serve our customers."