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Fratelli Beretta Showcases Snacking Lineup for Back-to-School Season; Kimberley Parrales Discusses

Fratelli Beretta Showcases Snacking Lineup for Back-to-School Season; Kimberley Parrales Discusses

Wednesday, August 10th, 2022

The end of the summer is nearing, and that means back-to-school season is upon us. As parents and their children stock up on pencils, notebooks, and other classroom essentials, it is the ideal time for retailers to put convenient, versatile snacks on display to make packing lunches a breeze. To make it easy, Fratelli Beretta has an expansive portfolio of snack products that are perfect to put on display.

Kimberley Parrales, Marketing Manager, Fratelli Beretta USA“We have about 24 different options under our snack line, and they are great for anyone looking for well-balanced options—especially during the back-to-school season,” says Kimberley Parrales, Marketing Manager. “Parents are always looking for healthy snacks, and with our wide range, there is something for everyone. Someone doesn’t like or can’t have nuts? No problem! We have other options that include chocolate or dry fruit.”

Fratelli Beretta’s snack portfolio is broken up into four lines, which include:

  • Italian Style Snacks: Available in 2 oz snack packages, there are eight different assortments featuring items such as Milano salami, provolone cheese, cheese cubes, bread sticks, dry papaya, pretzel sticks, and more. They come refrigerated or shelf-stable
  • Italian Style Small Plate: These offerings are an upgraded form of the 2 oz snacks and come on 2.5 oz small plates. The company offers six assortments with items like prosciutto, provolone cheese, and bread sticks
  • Aperitivo: These 3 oz plates come in five different assortments and can be eaten as a snack or used as a small appetizer. Among the products used are Milano salami, provolone cubes, black olives, and cashews
  • Low Sodium Italian Style Snack & Small Plate: Available in the 2 oz size like the Italian Style Snacks, these offerings have 45 percent less sodium. They feature Milano salami, cranberries, and dark chocolate chips. The small plate comes with prosciutto crudo, fontina cheese, and crackers

Fratelli Beretta has an expansive portfolio of snack products to help retailers capitalize on back-to-school merchandising opportunities

In addition to these snack products, Fratelli Beretta has its Salamini line, 4 oz bags of small Milano and calabrese salamis—an excellent grab-and-go option for after-school activities or weekend adventures.

As demand for these offerings has increased, the company has merchandising advice for retailers to help them take advantage of the opportunity.

Fratelli Beretta's Italian Style Small Plate line is one of many excellent grab-and-go options for at-school snacks, after-school activities, or weekend adventures

“Some strategies we see working for our current retail customer include placing our snack lineup in a shipper display,” explains Kimberley. “We have also noticed that it is easier for consumers to find the snacks when they are positioned in one section as opposed to spread throughout the store.”

The clock is winding down to the start of the school year, so jump on this opportunity to increase register rings with Fratelli Beretta’s unique snacking lineup that provides parents with the convenience they are looking for.

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