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Impossible Foods' Flagship Product Makes Its Southeast Regional Debut at All Publix Stores

Impossible Foods' Flagship Product Makes Its Southeast Regional Debut at All Publix Stores

Thursday, August 6th, 2020

Impossible Foods has been making very aggressive expansion moves, and most recently it has nabbed Publix as its latest expansion partner. Rolling out its flagship product, the award-winning Impossible™ Burger, at all of Publix’s stores, brings Impossible one step closer to plant-based domination.

Dennis Woodside, President, Impossible Foods“One of Impossible Foods’ most important goals is to make our products available everywhere people buy animal-derived products, and that includes Publix, one of America’s favorite grocery stores,” said President Dennis Woodside. “Impossible Foods’ fans are passionate, vocal advocates. Many of them have been specifically asking for Impossible Burger to come to Publix. We’re confident it will be a big hit, whether grilling burgers on the patio or cooking meatballs in your kitchen.”

Publix has a footprint of 1,252 stores across the Southeast, giving Impossible a leg up over other plant-based competition.

Sold in convenient, 12-oz packages, the Impossible Burger can be found in the meat department at all Publix stores in the company’s seven-state operating area. Impossible Foods’ plant-based meat will also be available through Publix’s grocery delivery service and for curbside pickup.

Publix announced a new partnership with Impossible Foods, rolling out its award-winning Impossible™ Burger at all of its 1,252 stores across the Southeast

According to the release, another reason retailers find Impossible so intriguing as a partner is that the company uses 96 percent less land, 87 percent less water, and 89 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional beef from cows. With consumers opting for more sustainable and ethically sourced products, it’s no wonder Impossible Foods’ grocery store footprint has increased by more than 60 times in 2020 alone.

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