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Instacart Co-Founder Apoorva Mehta to Depart With Fidji Simo to Succeed; Jeff Jordan Comments

Instacart Co-Founder Apoorva Mehta to Depart With Fidji Simo to Succeed; Jeff Jordan Comments

Friday, August 5th, 2022

The butterfly effect is taking shape within Instacart’s operations. As one leader departs, another steps in, creating a chain reaction of leadership moves sure to drive growth long-term. Co-Founder Apoorva Mehta stepped down from his role as Chief Executive Officer just over a year ago, and now the current CEO, Fidji Simo, will step up as Chairman as Mehta officially transitions off of the Board.

Apoorva Mehta, Co-Founder and Exiting Executive Chairman, Instacart“Instacart has been my life’s work for more than a decade. Since I transitioned from CEO to Executive Chairman a year ago, I realized that I want to pursue a new mission and I want to do it with the same singular focus that I had while building Instacart. Stepping off the Board will allow me to do just that,” said Mehta. “We have a high-caliber leadership team with Fidji at the helm, and I’m excited about her vision for the company and the expanded role Instacart can play for retailers for years to come. I remain confident in the enormous opportunity ahead and will always be a supporter of the team and company.”

Simo joined Instacart as CEO in August 2021, a press release noted, and since then, has charted a new chapter for the company as a retail enablement platform.

Instacart Co-Founder Apoorva Mehta revealed he will be leaving his position as Executive Chairman, and current Chief Executive Officer Fidji Simo will be his successor

Mehta revealed he will be transitioning off of the Board of Directors once Instacart becomes a public company.

Fidji Simo, Chief Executive Officer, Instacart“Apoorva realized more than a decade ago that grocery delivery was a core consumer need. He worked tirelessly with the team to create and build a successful model that allows consumers to access same-day delivery from their favorite grocers. We’re incredibly grateful to Apoorva for his commitment to growing Instacart and building something revolutionary,” said Simo. “As CEO and future Chair, I look forward to working alongside our retail partners to shape the next decade of grocery’s evolution. We’ll do this by building on Instacart’s already strong foundation and putting our technology in the hands of our partners, so we can invent the future of grocery together.”

As Chair, Simo will assume leadership of Instacart’s esteemed Board of Directors.

Jeff Jordan, Board Member, Instacart“Apoorva created a company that is transforming the grocery industry. His hard work and dedication brought Instacart into the homes of millions of customers. He poured his heart and soul into Instacart, and we thank him enormously for everything he has done for the company,” added Board Member Jeff Jordan. “Since Fidji joined last year as CEO, she has ushered in a new chapter for Instacart. Fidji’s role as CEO and future Chair is a testament to the Board’s unwavering confidence in her strategic vision for Instacart. I am extremely optimistic about the company’s future.”

As Instacart continues making moves in the grocery space, stick with us here at DMN.