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Jenny Englert Details Saputo USA’s Expansive Spring Portfolio

Jenny Englert Details Saputo USA’s Expansive Spring Portfolio

Friday, April 7th, 2023

Do you hear that? It’s Mother Nature telling you to go outside, touch the grass, and enjoy the seasonal freshness spring has to offer. As I plan my charcuter-nic—charcuterie picnic, if you will—I consulted Jenny Englert, Senior Marketing Manager for Saputo USA, to figure out what cheeses I should be on the lookout for to impress my fellow consumers.

Jenny Englert, Senior Marketing Manager, Saputo Dairy USA“The Montchevre® brand is known for its wide range of flavor offerings,” Jenny says. “As shoppers continue to explore and seek out new flavors, our range of goat cheeses makes for the perfect addition to any cheese or entertainment board.”

This season, be sure to guide your shoppers to Montchevre’s 4 oz Hibiscus Berry and Jalapeño Honey goat cheese logs.

Hibiscus Berry brings a complex flavor that is bright, tart, and sweet, giving the consumer notes of sangria in cheese format. Advertise it next to a nice bottle of bubbly, and your customers' carts will already be filled with the makings of a great party. The Jalapeño Honey brings a sweet heat combined with the fresh, creamy tang of the goat cheese that will round out any platter.

Spring is upon us, and Saputo USA has a plethora of seasonal offerings to rake in profits, such as Montchevre® Hibiscus Berry and Jalapeño Honey goat cheese logs

And for shoppers itching to get restaurant-quality desserts in the dairy aisle, be sure to point them to Montchevre’s Topped Line, featuring Cranberry Port and Roasted Red Pepper.

“Our new Topped Line brings innovative goat cheese offerings to consumers who love to snack and entertain. The gourmet sweet and savory ingredients bridge the gap between restaurants and home kitchens through the use of compotes,” Jenny explains. “These unique flavors are versatile snacks and accompaniments; ideal for dipping, spreading, and melting; and best served alongside vegetables, fruit, bread, and crackers.”

Montchevre’s Topped Line, such as Cranberry Port and Roasted Red Pepper, is a premium range that boasts restaurant quality and unique flavors

As we continue to peruse and stock up your cheese case, be sure to include Saputo’s Black Creek® Aged-Cheddar offerings. The award-winning line features a range of bold-flavored aged cheddar and cheddar blends, which have been expertly created in America’s Dairyland. Black Creek Cheddar with Parmesan Notes and Cheddar with Gruyère Notes are ideal for consumers as they eagerly break out their outdoor gear and head back into grilling season. I already smell those BBQ burgers and sausages wafting through the open window.

“Spring is an ideal time to advertise our Black Creek Cheddar Cheeses; its versatility goes great on both fresh and grilled dishes!” continues Jenny. “Cheddar Parmesan features a smooth, creamy blend with deliciously subtle notes of nutty Parmesan to create mouthwatering matrimony. Gruyère is a robust blend of Cheddar paired with a hint of nutty, earthy, and piquant Gruyère flavors. There’s a plethora of recipes and dishes your shoppers can make, and we have a treasure trove of easy recipes to make midweek meals a breeze.”

Saputo’s Black Creek® Aged-Cheddar award-winning lineup features a range of bold flavors, such as Black Creek Cheddar with Parmesan Notes and Cheddar with Gruyère Notes

Variety is the spice of life, and knowing my foodie friends, now is the time when entertaining opportunities abound—and experiential offerings are always in demand. Luckily, Saputo’s Wensleydale Cheeses can truly bring in the crowd and leave no crumbs behind.

“We here at Saputo USA are the custodians of a 1,000-year history of cheesemaking in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Using traditional methods to handcraft artisan cheeses, Wensleydale Creamery is the home of the famous crumbly Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese,” explains Jenny. “Our cheesemakers use traditional methods, time-honored recipes, and milk from local farms as they continue to innovate and create new cheese recipes.”

Wensleydale Cheeses are made using the traditional methods inherent to Saputo’s 1,000-year history of cheesemaking and come in a variety of flavors, such as Yorkshire Wensleydale & Apricots, Mimosa Wensleydale, and Wensleydale Cheddar with Caramelized Onions

The result of a century’s worth of knowledge? I give you Yorkshire Wensleydale & Apricots, Mimosa Wensleydale, and Wensleydale Cheddar with Caramelized Onions. Already in my mind’s eye, I can see all three SKUs spread out for a relaxing brunch gathering throughout spring and summer. Now that’s a lengthy promotional window bursting with opportunities as shoppers soak in the vitamin D and seasonal offerings Saputo is bringing to retail shelves.

“Shoppers are taking advantage of the warmer weather, and our range of cheese is perfect for entertaining or snacking throughout spring and summer,” concludes Jenny. “We recommend signage highlighting these seasonal flavors so consumers know these offerings exist amongst the everyday flavors they routinely purchase. They offer great cross-merchandise opportunities alongside other accompaniments outside of charcuterie boards, such as salads, grilling kits, and more.”

With a wide range on hand and in-store, now is the time to shore up your resources so shoppers have plenty to buy—and keep them coming back for more.

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