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Jenny Englert Dishes on Saputo Dairy's IDDBA 2022 Portfolio and Retail Message

Jenny Englert Dishes on Saputo Dairy's IDDBA 2022 Portfolio and Retail Message

Wednesday, May 25th, 2022

Each year, the best of the best in specialty foods eye one finish line unique from all the rest: the annual International Dairy Deli Bakery Association’s (IDDBA) 2022 show. While simply dubbed IDDBA, the show is far from simple, bringing together the quintessential companies that make the industry thrive. One of those companies is Saputo Dairy, an operation that delivers international acclaim to all those who partner with the specialty foods leader.

As we quickly approach the June 5–7, 2022 show in Atlanta, Georgia, I spoke with Jenny Englert, Senior Marketing Manager, Saputo Specialty Cheese, about the team’s excitement as it galvanizes for the mega-trade show.

Jenny Englert, Senior Marketing Manager, Saputo Specialty Cheese“IDDBA is a great show for Saputo to showcase our full portfolio of cheese items, regardless of where they’re typically sold in retail stores—be it the dairy section or deli department,” Jenny shares with me. “At IDDBA 2022, we’ll be showcasing everything from our specialty cheese program, including all domestic goat, Italian, blue, feta, and cheddar products, as well as imported product types like Gouda, Manchego, and brie.”

Additionally, the company will be showing Saputo’s mozzarellas and snacking cheeses (from Frigo Cheeseheads) and the newly launched plant-based cheese brand, Vitalite®.

As a company that is well-known for its innovative solutions, Saputo advises that retailers examine opportunities within their offerings and come prepared to discuss gaps in their product line-ups in the lead-up to the show.

Saputo Dairy will be showcasing everything from its specialty cheese program at this year’s International Dairy Deli Bakery Association 2022 show

“Saputo has a variety of new products and brands to highlight, from our leading goat-cheese brand, Montchevre, and import brands to Cathedral City and Wensleydale Creamery. We are looking forward to discussing new solutions for their set to provide their customers with the best offering of a wide variety of flavor profiles and formats,” Jenny reveals. “Our goals for IDDBA are to reconnect with customers and our network of partners we haven’t been able to be together with in-person for the past two years.”

Jenny added that the Saputo team had the opportunity to meet with some customers at the Winter Fancy Food Show but anticipate more customers from the East Coast and Midwest to attend IDDBA.

With a variety of new products and brands to highlight, Saputo Dairy will also be discussing new solutions for its retail partners with a wide variety of flavor profiles and formats

“We look forward to continuing the conversations we start at IDDBA throughout the year and seeing more of each other at future events,” Jenny reflects. “Our team wants those retailers engaging with Saputo at—and following—IDDBA 2022 to know that we are back and better than ever as a company. With our vast portfolio of cheese products, we have great brands and new and exciting items consumers will be delighted to find on shelves. We are looking forward to a great IDDBA and seeing each other more frequently throughout the remainder of 2022.”

Atlanta and IDDBA will be here before you know it. As May wraps and June kicks off, we look forward to bringing you more IDDBA news in the run-up to the show. See you all soon!

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