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KeHE Announces Partnership Agreement With MOM's Organic Market

KeHE Announces Partnership Agreement With MOM's Organic Market

Tuesday, September 10th, 2019

As organics and natural foods continue to strive for more real estate in the industry spotlight, and of course the store, KeHE Distributors has announced it was awarded primary distribution for Rockville, Maryland-based MOM’s Organic Market (MOMs).

Scott Nash, CEO, MOM's Organic Market, (photo credit: Liz Lynch)“We are dedicated to serving our customers and operating in a highly sustainable manner that protects and restores the environment. In KeHE we have found a Certified B Corp partner that shares our values and has adopted verifiable commitments to serve its stakeholder groups, the less fortunate, and to protect the environment,” MOM’s Organic Market Founder and CEO Scott Nash commented.

KeHE Distributors was awarded primary distribution for MOM’s Organic Market

The contract is a multi-year agreement that includes supplying all natural, organic, and specialty products for MOMs’ growing network, according to a press release. Right now, the chain of 19 organic grocery stores spans Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia.

Gene Carter, Chief Operating Officer, KeHE Distributors“MOM’s is one of a handful of natural food merchants that ‘set the standard’ for excellence and authenticity in organic grocery retailing,” shared Gene Carter, COO of KeHE. “Our companies share common values, a passion for healthy food and a commitment to sustainable practices. We are honored MOM’s has chosen KeHE as their primary distribution partner.”

MOM’s Organic Market has established itself as one of the premier natural and organic food retailers in the nation since Nash founded it in 1987, always valuing community and health.

Lisa de Lima, VP Grocery, MOM’s Organic Market“MOM’s success is rooted in bringing the latest and best natural, organic, and fresh products to market for our customers. KeHE’s partnership is absolutely critical in this effort,” Lisa de Lima, VP Grocery at MOM’s, said of the pairing.

As food preferences in the U.S. continue to transform rapidly, KeHE said it is aligned with MOMs’ commitment to innovate and plans to operationalize its service to the retailer’s business through its new state-of-the-art distribution center in North East, Maryland.

As these two parties look to grow both together and individually, Deli Market News will report on the latest.

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