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King’s Hawaiian and Guy Fieri Team Up to Build Better Sandwiches in 2021

King’s Hawaiian and Guy Fieri Team Up to Build Better Sandwiches in 2021

Monday, February 1st, 2021

King’s Hawaiian® is serving up big flavor thanks to the King of Flavortown. Recently, the bakery brand announced a year-long partnership with chef, restauranteur, and New York Times best-selling author Guy Fieri, who will play a key role in the brand’s new campaign.

Guy Fieri, Chef“I’ve been servin’ up King’s Hawaiian at home and in my restaurants for years and am thrilled to finally make things official,” said Chef Fieri. “It’s gonna be great to show folks across the country everything that King’s Hawaiian brings to the table, from their iconic Rolls to their equally righteous Sliced Bread, Mini-Subs, Sliders, and Buns. Whether we’re talking about my famous Motley Que sandwich or your own personal favorite, I can’t wait to show ya how, when it comes to food, everything is better between King’s Hawaiian bread.”

The partnership will showcase King’s Hawaiian as an essential part of every sandwich, and brings to life how everything can be made better when sandwiched between King’s Hawaiian bread. According to the press release, the multi-million dollar campaign, King’s Hawaiian's first omnichannel marketing campaign with a celebrity spokesperson, will feature Fieri in TV commercials and online advertising, a digital content series, retail activations, public relations and social media campaigns, and more throughout 2021.

King's Hawaiian® recently announced a year-long partnership with chef, restauranteur, and New York Times best-selling author Guy Fieri

National television ads for the new campaign kick off on Monday, February 8, with a commercial where Fieri shares his secret to making any sandwich the real deal—by focusing on the bread layer starting with King’s Hawaiian Sliced Bread and its soft and fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth texture with just the right touch of sweetness.

Chad Donvito, Chief Marketing Officer, King's Hawaiian“As someone who really knows irresistible food, there was no better choice for this campaign than the mayor of Flavortown himself, Guy Fieri,” said Chad Donvito, Chief Marketing Officer, King’s Hawaiian. “Guy not only has an eye for great food and a love for sharing it, like King’s Hawaiian, he also has a passion for giving back to those in need and embodying the Aloha Spirit, which is consistent with who we are as a company.”

For those ready to upgrade their sandwich game this season, King’s Hawaiian also worked with Fieri to compile his list of the top five most iconic sandwiches in America, including a game day favorite, his BBQ Bacon Meatball Slider that’s sure to score a touchdown during the Big Game next week.

Here is a list of sandwich creations straight from Fieri himself:

  • The number one sandwich is the almighty Grilled Cheese…but to truly take the Flavortown crown, you have to take it up a notch like in my Sausage Mac ’n Cheese Camping Sandwiches
  • Everybody loves Meatball Sandwiches, and the only way to make ’em even more outta bounds is to throw them on a toasted King’s Hawaiian Slider Bun piled high with your favorite toppings
  • Hot Dogs are lights out delicious when treated like a sandwich—get creative with funky toppings!
  • It’s hard to beat a classic, mile-high Pastrami Sandwich. Smokey, peppery, savory beef piled high with Swiss cheese, coleslaw, and Russian dressing on rye bread is an all-time favorite of mine, but throw it all between King’s Hawaiian Sliced Bread and you’ve got a new winning twist
  • Cheesesteaks are an American classic, and you know Philly is an important stop on the way to Flavortown!

This campaign was created and produced by HAYMAKER (lead creative agency), HUNTER (PR), and The Wilson Group (In-Store / Retail).

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