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Kroger Launches Mobile Market in the Louisville Area

Kroger Launches Mobile Market in the Louisville Area

Friday, August 16th, 2019

Kroger is hitting the road this month with a new concept as part of its latest Zero Hunger endeavor: the Zero Hunger Mobile Market. In its aim to meet the needs of all of its shoppers, the retailer will be driving the single-aisle grocery store—which is literally on wheels—to those with limited access to fresh food. Dare to Care has partnered up with Kroger to bring this to the masses.

Erin Grant, Corporate Affairs Manager and Media Spokesperson, Louisville Division, Kroger

“It does not have to be a brick-and-mortar store for us to provide access to healthy food for people,” said Erin Grant, Corporate Affairs Manager and Media Spokesperson for Kroger’s Louisville Division, according to the courier journal. “That might not always be the solution. There really are other ways.”

The grocer is proving that size doesn't matter with its grocery list of items, including sausages, macaroni and cheese, pork chops, chicken, steak, turkey, bacon, and more, according to the press release.

Annette Ball, Chief Programs Officer, Dare to Care

“You might not find 100 percent of what’s on your grocery list, but you sure are going to be able to make great, nutritious meals for your family,” added Annette Ball, Chief Programs Officer for Dare to Care.

Three employees will be piloting this moving market, which features an entire wall display of fresh produce; two refrigerated units housing fresh meat, dairy products, and eggs; and a row of shelves stocked with baking ingredients, pasta, cereal, and other pantry staples.

Kroger unveiled its new Mobile Market, which will be driving to shoppers with limited access to fresh food items

“We wanted [our shoppers] to still have a similar experience as our customers do when they shop a store,” Grant continued. “We wanted there to still be that warmth and newness and that brightness to it.”

Due to the competitive grocery market making it incredibly difficult to open new stores, the new concept is one strategy to not only help shoppers, but Kroger as well. The Mobile Market is slated to make 35 stops at 29 locations in the Louisville market.

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