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Kroger Partners with Sysco, US Foods, and More to Meet Critical Food Supply Needs

Kroger Partners with Sysco, US Foods, and More to Meet Critical Food Supply Needs

Monday, March 30th, 2020

Kroger recently announced that, in order to provide work opportunities to furloughed foodservice employees, it would be partnering with foodservice giants like Sysco and US Foods. This new partnership will offer jobs to hundreds of associates at select Kroger distribution centers.

Kevin Hourican, President and Chief Executive Officer, Sysco“During these unprecedented times, we are pleased to partner with Kroger, as both of our companies work to respond in an agile manner to meet the rapidly evolving needs of our associates and our communities,” said Kevin Hourican, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sysco. “This agreement will benefit many of Sysco’s associates by creating good work opportunities with a respected company, while at the same time helping to alleviate strain in the food supply chain due to a surge in demand at retail stores.”

Kroger is partnering with Sysco, US Foods, and more to provide temporary work opportunities for associates at certain Kroger distribution centers

Kroger is not only partnering with Sysco and US Foods, but working to hire an additional 20,000 individuals from partners like McLane Foodservice, Shamrocks Food, Sodexo, SodexoMAGIC, Thunderdome Restaurant Group, Frisch's, and Marriott International.

Tim Massa, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Chief People Officer, Kroger“Kroger's top priority continues to be uplifting our associates and serving our communities, whether that's by ensuring customers always can find food and products on our shelves or by providing a nearly immediate job opportunity to help an unemployed person to begin working again,” said Tim Massa, Kroger's Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer, in a press release. “During this time of uncertainty, Kroger is committed to remaining a constant. We have a responsibility to our associates, customers, and communities, and we will continue to be here…for any need.”

Under this agreement, temporarily furloughed associates will have the opportunity to work at Kroger locations for 30 days, or more, as agreed upon by both companies.

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