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Kroger Receives Black Pearl Award

The Kroger Co. has received the 2012 Black Pearl Award for advancing food safety and quality. Annually, the International Association for Food Protection recognizes one company for its efforts to advance food safety and quality through consumer programs and educational activities as well as employee affairs, observance of standards, and support of the philosophies of the IAFP. Kroger's efforts include bi-monthly food safety review audits of each store performed by third-party firms as well as augment inspections handled by local health departments and Company associates. The company also has a recall notification system, the Rapid Recall Exchange, the only online recall notification system the food industry. In addition, in 2010 every Kroger manufacturing plant received full Global Food Safety Initiative certifications. David B. Dillon, Kroger's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, states, "Food safety is Kroger's top priority. We want to ensure our customers can count on wholesome, fresh, and safe food from farm to table. We are proud to receive this important recognition from the International Association of Food Protection."