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Laura Chenel Rolls Out New Everything Bagel Chabis

Laura Chenel Rolls Out New Everything Bagel Chabis

Tuesday, June 1st, 2021

Why not have both? This is the question that Laura Chenel is asking as it launches its new Everything Bagel Chabis. Combining the indulgent flavors of its fresh, creamy goat cheese with the savory blend of everything bagel spices that consumers know and love, the cheese maven debuted its new Chabis, allowing shoppers to combine two delicious offerings in one high-quality product.

Laure Chatard, Chief Executive Officer, Laura Chenel Chèvre“We observed the popularity of everything bagel seasoning which pairs so well with our fresh goat cheese and inspired us to create Everything Bagel Chabis,” said Chief Executive Officer Laure Chatard. “It’s a natural extension of our Fresh Goat Cheese Chabis line and a terrific opportunity to bring a fun, fresh flavor to the market.”

The Everything Bagel Chabis was inspired by the iconic everything bagel that has been a staple of bagel makers and delis since the 70s or 80s, considering the origins of this delectable bagel are still heavily debated today. What hasn’t been argued is the popular blend of sesame seeds, garlic, poppy seeds, and onion that make the flavor so beloved by consumers, and what is making Laura Chenel’s Chabis pop, according to a press release.

Bringing versatility to the cheese aisle, the Everything Bagel Chabis is more than just a spread; it inspires creativity in the kitchen, serving as the perfect complement to recipes including dips, sauces, pasta, eggs, and sandwiches.

Laura Chenel recently launched its new Everything Bagel Chabis, combining the indulgent flavors of its fresh, creamy goat cheese with the savory blend of everything bagel spices

Inspired by the French cheese of the same name, Laura Chenel’s newest Chabis joins four other flavors including: Original, Thyme & Rosemary, Four Peppercorn, and Dill. With a higher moisture content than its Original and Flavored Log recipes, the new Chabis is soft and spreadable, adding to its diverse applications.

Laura Chenel’s Everything Bagel Chabis comes in 5 oz packages and has an SRP of $5.99. It can be found on the company’s website using its store locator tool and is also available to order online through Northbay Creameries.

What other new flavor innovations are in store for the award-winning creamery? Stick with Deli Market News as we keep an eye on the newswires.

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