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Lidl Continues Global Expansion, Enters New Market in Estonia

Lidl Continues Global Expansion, Enters New Market in Estonia

Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Hot on the trail of global expansion, Lidl continues to plot a course with strategic acquisitions and multiple market expansions. Touching down in yet another new market, this time in Estonia, Lidl has already made investments to develop operations there. Last year, according to Lidl’s annual financial report, the store chain made investments in long-term assets in Estonia to the amount of €21.5 million, as mentioned above.

A representative for the company spoke with Estonian news source ERR, explaining that although it is too early to comment on the opening of the stores, the chain usually opens several stores at once. Multiple job advertisements have cropped up and construction is underway on several plots of land.

Lidl has announced that it is entering a new market in Estonia with investments of roughly €21.5 million ($24.5 million)

Will this new market boost Lidl’s success rate across the pond as well? We’ve seen the retailer hit a triple digit store count on United States soil, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s going to stop there. Keep reading Deli Market News as we cover the latest in all things retail, expansion, and more.