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Lidl Plans for 50 New Stores in Italy

Lidl Plans for 50 New Stores in Italy

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Loyal Lidl shoppers in Italy gained a restored sense of trust in their favorite grocer this week. The company recently announced its latest strategy, aimed at revitalizing the market in Italy. This includes plans for a whopping 50 new stores and 2,000 new jobs. Named “Lidl for Italy,” this project is slated for completion by the end of 2020 with a rumored real estate investment of $400 million.

Massimiliano Silvestri, President, Lidl Italia“In recent months, we have often heard of reboot and trust,” said Massimiliano Silvestri, President of Lidl Italia. “These are concepts which today assume more than ever an important meaning not only for the large-scale retail sector, but for the entire Italian economy. Today, we want to share our vision of the future, which we express through three pillars at the base of this plan: employment, investments, and support for the Made in Italy supply chain.”

According to news source World Today, Lidl’s latest strategy will rest on the pillars of real estate and logistics, job creation, and enhancement of the Italian agri-food chain. The plan was created on May 4 with multiple Italy-based store openings as the retailer ramped up to aid in the revitalization of the country’s economy.

Lidl recently announced a new strategy aimed at rejuvenating the market in Italy, announcing 50 new stores in the country along with 2,000 new hires by the end of 2020

“The Italian spirit will continue to represent one of the essential pillars of the corporate strategy promises of Lidl with the commitment to enhance the Italian agri-food chain: 80 percent of what Lidl customers find in the assortment is produced in Italy. The role of small and medium-sized food businesses, which are the backbone of the country’s economic system and which have grown together with Lidl in recent years, will remain central,” Silvestri added.

Keep an eye out for reports from Deli Market News as we wait to find out what Lidl’s next move will be.