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Mifroma to Reveal New Products at the Winter Fancy Food Show

Mifroma to Reveal New Products at the Winter Fancy Food Show

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

As we inch toward the initiation of this year’s Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS), buyers are whetting their appetites for the crème de la crème in specialty foods. Mifroma USA will be proudly exhibiting cheeses imported from Switzerland that are produced by master cheesemakers. Those appreciating the quality and tradition of Switzerland cheese should add Mifroma to their “must see” list. I spoke with Al Baca, East Coast Regional Manager, to get a sneak peak at Mifroma’s plans for the show.

Al Baca, East Coast Regional Manager, MiFroma USA“WFFS is well attended by a wide variety of customers—large retailers and foodservice distributors as well as independently owned restaurants and specialty stores,” he began. “The show is a perfect venue for producers to interact with a large group of customers in one location. From a supplier perspective, we have the opportunity to showcase our items and marketing programs to the trade. From a customer perspective, they have the opportunity to see and sample many new products and speak directly to producers.”

Mifroma will present three brand-new products at WFFS: the Shredded Alpine Cheese Blend, Alpenhorn, and Le Poya. The Shredded Alpine Cheese Blend is a proprietary blend of traditional cheeses crafted in Switzerland. Usage suggestions include Mac & Cheese, Rustic Soups, Savory Waffles, Quiche, and more. The new Alpenhorn (Hornkuhkäse) cheese is a World Championship Cheese Contest award-winning cheese refined with the addition of cream. Produced in in the Appenzell Hinterland district, cheesemakers exclusively use milk from Original Braunvieh or Brown Swiss-breed horned cows to ensure that the Alpenhorn tradition is upheld. Produced in the canton of Fribourg, Le Poya is inspired by the ancient tradition of pasturing cows in the cool highland valleys during the summer and in the warmer lowland valleys in the winter.

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In addition to these new products, Mifroma will showcase its best-selling cheeses as well as some trendy ones, including:

  • Le Gruyere AOP
  • Emmentaler AOP
  • Switzerland Swiss Cheese
  • Raclette: Wheels, Squares, and Slices
  • Tete de Moine AOP
  • Fondue: produced with Gruyere AOP, Emmentaler AOP, Raclette, White Wine, and Kirsch Brandy
  • Fondue Express (microwavable)

“Gruyere continues to be a top selling cheese in the traditional Swiss category,” Al explained. “Mifroma Switzerland Swiss is the real deal—produced in Switzerland! Consumers who desire authentic, true Swiss flavor are flocking to the cheese case for Mifroma Switzerland Swiss. Raclette is gaining in popularity as consumer response to our slices has been tremendous—many people enjoy the convenience of slices. Fondue is perfect for a shared meal or snacking experience while Fondue Express provides convenience for those craving a delicious, easy-to-prepare snack.”

For retailers, Al suggests that Mifroma Fondue Express be merchandised in the “Grab & Go” section in addition to the cheese case. He also recommends that Raclette Slices be cross-merchandised in the meat department for a distinctively unique Raclette Burger display. He concluded by noting that Gruyere presents a perfect opportunity for off-shelf cheese displays.

Don’t forget to carve out time for Mifroma in your WFFS schedule—we’ll see you there at booth #1832!