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Mifroma Takes Home 15 Medals at International World Cheese Awards

Mifroma Takes Home 15 Medals at International World Cheese Awards

Monday, November 6th, 2023

Elsa Group, the result of a merger between Mifroma SA and Estavayer Lait SA, recently shared some big industry news. The Swiss cheese supplier has earned several new awards, taking home a total of 15 medals from the International World Cheese Awards.

The competition is held annually, attracting cheese producers and experts from all over the world. A press release explained that this year’s awards ceremony took place in Trondheim, Norway, gathering participants and companies from 43 countries. The Jury, formed by 264 experts, tasted 4,502 different cheeses.

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The awarded cheeses from Elsa Group include:

Super Gold medal:

  • Halbhartkäse Simmental

Gold medals:

  • Appenzeller Elegant
  • Bergkäse Alpenkräuter
  • Gruyère AOP (14 months)
  • Gruyère AOP (18 months)

Silver medals:

  • Brigand du Jorat
  • Appenzeller Extra
  • Simmental 8–12 months
  • Gruyère AOP (9 months)
  • Gruyère AOP (11 months)
  • Emmentaler AOP (18 months)

Bronze medals:

  • Alpenhorn
  • Appenzeller Gold
  • Bergkäse Cremig
  • Emmentaler AOP (11 months)

Elsa Group is known for selecting exquisite cheeses that are celebrated for their flavor, texture, and quality. The recent awards encourage Elsa to maintain its commitment to selecting and ripening the best cheeses for its customers.

Congratulations to Elsa Group!