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Momofuku Marguerite Mariscal Shares About Chili Crunch and Noodle Packs Launches

Momofuku Marguerite Mariscal Shares About Chili Crunch and Noodle Packs Launches

Monday, November 15th, 2021

Oftentimes when I go to an Asian restaurant, there is a glass jar of chili and spices with a little spoon for patrons to ladle over their food. The delicate mix of oil and heat adds to any dish, and the chance to control how much intensity I feel in my mouth doesn’t give me instant regret by ordering noodles that were too spicy. Chili oil has been a staple in my household for as long as I can remember, and Momofuku’s latest Chili Crunch release brings more variety for shoppers to enjoy the spice right at home.

Marguerite Mariscal, Chief Executive Officer, Momofuku“For over a decade, we have been working and refining this recipe, and we’re proud to join the other incredible crunchy-spicy sauces that are available all around the world,” Momofuku’s Chief Executive Officer Marguerite Mariscal. “We wanted to offer a chili oil that reflects our various inspirations and flavors we’ve become known for in our Momofuku restaurant kitchens. Landing on shelves in October, we couldn’t be more excited to bring our signature flavors to home cooks no matter where they are through our line of pantry products.”

Pulling inspiration from the various oils used in Momofuku’s restaurants, the Chili Crunch is a crunchy, spicy chili oil made with the umami-rich ingredients found in David Chang’s restaurant and its signature Seasoned Salts (kelp, mushroom powder, tamari), three different Mexican chilis (Pulla for bright fruitiness, Chili de Arbol for nutty smokiness, and Japones chiles for a lingering spiciness), crispy shallots, sesame seeds, dried garlic, and coconut sugar for a hint of sweetness.

Momofuku is hitting the spicy craze consumers crave with its latest Chili Crunch release

When thinking of Chili Crunch, one can’t help but think of the dish to enjoy with. Coupling with this spicy launch, Momofuku also released shelf-stable noodles for consumers to easily pair with to bring their in-home dining experience to the next level.

“One of the unique elements of the noodles is that they are air-dried and never fried or frozen, which differentiates them from a lot of products on the market,” Marguerite explains to me. “We launched our noodles this fall, and they sold out in just two days.”

Providing a delicious base for the Chili Crunch to be enjoyed on, Momofuku also recently released shelf-stable noodle packs in Soy & Scallion and Spicy Soy

Made with wheat, salt, and water, the product uses simple ingredients and is ready in just four minutes. Shoppers will be delighted to find Soy & Scallion and Spicy Soy packs on market shelves as the noodles are highly customizable and easy to dress with toppings found in the kitchen, such as chopped veggies, fried egg, or Momofuku’s range of Chili Crunch flavors.

“For the holidays, we’re following up our initial launch with the release of brand new Chili Crunch flavors—Extra Spicy Chili Crunch with dried habanero peppers to double the heat and Truffle Chili Crunch with restaurant-grade black truffles,” Marguerite continues. “We’re excited to continue innovating, and we would love to expand our line further.”

Momofuku is following up on its initial Chili Crunch launch for the holidays by releasing new Extra Spicy and Truffle flavors for its hot new lineup

The new Chili Crunch flavors are available online in the Chili Crunch Sampler Pack for $45 and the Super Starter Pack for $85. And what’s more iconic than the spoon of a chili jar? Momofuku is keeping things nice and tidy by including Momofuku’s new engraved Chili Crunch spoon with each pack so the perfect amount is scooped every time.

Currently, the Chili Crunch is available for purchase in Whole Foods Markets in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and the newly released noodles can be found on shelves at Targets all across the country.

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