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New Plant-Based Grocer The Good Kind Emerges in London

New Plant-Based Grocer The Good Kind Emerges in London

Friday, September 25th, 2020

Plant-based shows no signs of stopping, and grocery stores are taking advantage of this movement. Most recently, an entirely vegan retailer appeared in London, The Good Kind.

Jessica Chan, Owner, The Good Kind“Many people are so curious about what veganism is and the food it brings,” explained Owner Jessica Chan to Natural Products News. “I believe that consumers not only wanted a plant-based grocery store—they wanted a plant-based grocery store specifically for meat lovers. Going plant-based can be hard for consumers who are trying it for the first time.”

The Good Kind aims to transform meat eaters with its Transition Zone, a space within the store that is aimed directly at meat lovers, new vegans, and those transitioning to plant-based diets. The other three areas include Good For You Snack Zone, Sweet Indulgence Zone, and Relaxation Zone.

The Good Kind, a new vegan grocery store based in Enfield, London, recently emerged on the market

“At The Good Kind, there is no more divide between vegans and meat eaters. Everyone is welcome,” Chan explained. “The vegan category will continue to gain momentum as people want to eat better and realize that plant-based food is in fact delicious and incredibly easy to do.”

Brands featured at The Good Kind include Beyond Meat, The Meatless Farm, The White Rabbit, and more. Chan noted to the news source that there are plans in the works to expand into other neighborhoods in London.

Will we see this format pop up in the States? Deli Market News will be here to report.

The Good Kind