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noosa Launches  New Year Un-Boring You  New Year's Campaign; Jason Vieth Comments

noosa Launches "New Year Un-Boring You" New Year's Campaign; Jason Vieth Comments

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

I don’t know about you, but I’ve already chosen a few resolutions to focus on as we head into the New Year. I know many consumers are doing the same, leading noosa Yoghurt to kick off its unique New Year Un-Boring You seasonal campaign. The company is offering up the chance to win $10,000 for consumers that make their boldest resolutions a reality.

Jason Vieth, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Sovos Brands"At noosa, we have a philosophy of living life full on and taking an uncompromising approach to everything we do,” said Jason Vieth, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Sovos Brands, which is noosa’s parent company. “The noosa New Year Un-Boring You Resolutions Contest encourages fans to take the same approach and make their most full-on dreams come true. Through this campaign, we hope to resonate with our fans beyond our product by cheering them on through all of life's greatest moments."

Fans of the iconic yoghurt brand can submit their most daring and creative resolutions through the official contest registration form from January 3 through January 19, 2022. With January 19 often called “quitters day” due to many folks abandoning their resolutions by the month’s end, noosa is challenging its shoppers to kick the bad habits and start the year off as their best selves.

noosa Yoghurt is upping brand visibility, offering up the chance to win $10,000 through its New Year Un-Boring You campaign

"We are excited about the robust digital efforts for this campaign, including a creative social media platform that details our noosa New Year Un-Boring You campaign encouraging fans to enter to win," Jason added. "We encourage consumers to purchase noosa products to complement their full-on goals with delicious snacks to keep them fueled along the way!"

So, will you be creating your own New Year’s resolutions? If they have anything to do with raising register rings in the dairy set, noosa Yoghurt has you covered.

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