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Publix Announces Two New Stores

Publix Announces Two New Stores

Monday, June 1st, 2020

Publix continues to eye growth, this time in two separate states. The retailer has announced two new store openings, one slated for Alabama and one for South Carolina.

Brenda Reid, Media and Community Relations Manager, Atlanta Division, Publix“Our customers have been looking forward to having a new Publix in their neighborhood,” said Brenda Reid, Community Relations Manager for Publix’s Atlanta Division, according to “Our associates will continue to offer the best shopping experience possible for our customers by following recommended guidelines outlined by the CDC and the State of Alabama.”

The news source reported that the new store will open in Liberty Park, Alabama, on June 3. At 48,100 square feet, the location will create 135 new jobs within the community.

Publix recently revealed two new locations are in the works for Liberty Park, Alabama, and Moncks Corner, South Carolina reported that Publix has also confirmed a new location in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, though no official opening date was disclosed.

Publix Community Relations Manager Kim Reynolds confirmed a lease has officially been signed for the facility, and that it will stand at 48,000 square feet.

We will keep our eyes trained to the newswire as further updates on this and other new possible grocery locations become known.

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