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Publix Partners With Instacart to Debut Carrot Warehouses in Miami, Florida; Erik Katenkamp and Daniel Danker Share

Publix Partners With Instacart to Debut Carrot Warehouses in Miami, Florida; Erik Katenkamp and Daniel Danker Share

Friday, May 6th, 2022

As if the temperatures weren't already climbing, the Miami, Florida, market just got a whole lot hotter. Publix and Instacart are rolling out 15-minute delivery in the area, which will be made possible by Carrot Warehouses, the nano-fulfillment solution provided by Instacart.

Erik Katenkamp, Vice President of Omnichannel and Application Development, Publix"As we continue to evolve our e-commerce strategy, 15-minute delivery is another example of how we're committed to meeting our customers wherever they are—whether it's in-store or online for a convenience need," said Erik Katenkamp, Vice President Omnichannel and Application Development at Publix. "Instacart's suite of solutions allows us to unlock and roll out 15-minute delivery in a major metro area like Miami. Introducing nano-fulfillment centers powered by Instacart Platform is another step in our omnichannel strategy, and we look forward to continuing to exceed our customers' expectations."

Publix and Instacart have been working together since 2016 when they introduced same-day delivery in as fast as an hour, a press release explained.

Publix has teamed up with Instacart to introduce 15-minute delivery in Miami, Florida, using the platform's nano-fulfillment solution, Carrot Warehouses

Now, the duo has developed a custom model for 15-minute delivery in Miami using Carrot Warehouses that allows Publix to offer thousands of items, including dairy, meat, fresh produce, and more, from the nano-fulfillment centers.

Daniel Danker, Vice President of Product, Instacart"Instacart's model is to empower retailers to better serve their customers. We're taking the same approach by building Carrot Warehouses, a network of nano-fulfillment facilities that we operate on retailers' behalf, to help retailers deliver unmatched speed and selection to their customers. We're proud to be the platform that helps retailers offer the many use cases their consumers expect, from 15-minute delivery to the weekly shop," said Daniel Danker, Vice President of Product at Instacart. "With today's Miami launch, Publix is bringing 15-minute delivery to their customers for the first time. Whether it's a last-minute dinner ingredient or parents needing a quick restock on diapers, we know Miamians seek convenience in their lives, and we're excited to collaborate with Publix to power it."

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