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RIND Launches Seasonal Plant-Based Reaper Pepper Cheese

RIND Launches Seasonal Plant-Based Reaper Pepper Cheese

Thursday, October 6th, 2022

Shoppers’ pulses will quicken, their skin will tingle, and a bead of sweat might make its way down their faces as the Reaper approaches, and I’m not talking about the Grim Reaper; I’m speaking of RIND’s limited plant-based Reaper Pepper Cheese.

Recently, the vegan cheesemaker announced the launch of this seasonal cheese flavor, which will make a great addition to any fall charcuterie board or cheese plate.

RIND has announced the launch of its limited Reaper Pepper Cheese, which taps into the extreme heat of the Carolina Reaper

These mini-wheels of soft-ripened Cambleu cashew cheese feature the sweet, fruity flavor and unrelenting heat of the Carolina Reaper, considered one of the world’s hottest peppers, a release stated.

Later this month, RIND will also be launching its Currant and Cranberry-flavored mini-wheels in the spirit of the season, giving retailers more chances to take advantage of seasonal sales spikes and consumer demand for products that are perfect for entertaining.

Could you be the next retailer to feature this taste bud-tingling cheese variety? I certainly hope so, because the more, the merrier.