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Saputo Specialty Cheese's Jenny Englert Shares Exclusive Portfolio Insights

Saputo Specialty Cheese's Jenny Englert Shares Exclusive Portfolio Insights

Monday, August 1st, 2022

When it comes to product development in the cheese space, Saputo Specialty Cheese is one player that is always pushing the boundaries of innovation. With a vast and flavorful portfolio that truly speaks for itself, it’s no wonder shoppers are loading up on all of the enticing products the cheesemaker has to offer.

Jenny Englert, Senior Marketing Manager, Saputo Specialty Cheese“Goat cheese sales continue to increase year over year, and the variety of applications are on the rise,” said Jenny Englert, Senior Marketing Manager. “Four or five years ago, we saw a lot of interest in goat’s milk products from new-to-category consumers, but unfamiliarity with the flavor profiles, pairings, and usage applications of goat cheese. Today, there are more United States households than ever buying and consuming this soft, tangy cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This increased demand for variety has sparked our Montchevre® brand team to accelerate our innovation pipeline, adding a variety of new trending flavors and formats we are excited to release into the marketplace.”

It’s not to be taken lightly when Saputo says it is optimizing demand by tapping into popular consumer trends, as the company is producing innovative products to cater to consumers’ sweet and savory cravings while providing unique serving options for any occasion. The most recent demonstration of this well-thought-out portfolio expansion comes in the form of the cheesemaker’s new Montchevre Hibiscus Berry Goat Cheese Log and line of Topped Goat Cheeses.

As hibiscus achieves rising popularity in the culinary world, Saputo is tapping into this demand with its Montchevre Hibiscus Berry log

The Montchevre Hibiscus Berry log has a complex flavor depth that is bright, tart, and sweet, giving notes of sangria in a delicious cheese format. As hibiscus achieves rising popularity in the culinary world, the launch of this product is especially timely.

“As hibiscus is the flavor of the summer, we’re thrilled to introduce it in our famous goat cheese log, as the tartness of the flavor really cuts through the tanginess of our goat cheese, making it a natural flavor pairing,” Jenny added. “The color is also visually appealing, as it breaks from the norm with its light pink coloring, drawing consumers’ attention to the shelf.”

Each of Saputo's innovative goat cheese offerings can be easily cross-merchandised to deliver growth across multiple categories

And with the addition of its Topped Line, Saputo is bringing innovative goat cheese offerings to consumers who love to snack and entertain.

“In the goat cheese category, we’ve seen consumers tend to purchase on impulse, usually triggered by a craving or recipe,” Jenny told me. “When it comes to the Montchevre Topped Line, we hope to reach consumers in the early stages of their decision-making process and inspire them to get creative with their goat cheese pairings, even branching out and creating their own goat cheese ‘toppings’ for future snacks and gatherings.”

The supplier is also inspiring creativity in the cheese case with its Montchevre Topped Line

If not already made evident by the alluring flavor combinations, each of these items holds maximum merchandising value, as they can be easily cross-merchandised to deliver growth across multiple categories.

“For the Montchevre Hibiscus Berry, we suggest retailers cross-merchandise with juicy berries to play up the sweet and tart notes of the cheese. They can also consider promoting alongside an assortment of nuts if a consumer is looking for more balance,” Jenny advised. “When it comes to the Montchevre Topped Goat Cheese, we suggest serving with complementary snacking items like artisanal crackers or pretzels that are easy to dip to encourage shoppers to grab for snacking on-the-go. This type of cross-merchandising can be done either physically at brick-and-mortar stores by placing the accompanying items in the specialty cheese section or digitally, in banner ads or search results to pair our new goat cheeses with the best items for pairing.”

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