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Saucy Gourmet Reveals Salsa Verde Flavor; David Blonsky Comments

Saucy Gourmet Reveals Salsa Verde Flavor; David Blonsky Comments

Thursday, March 30th, 2023

With a new offering under its belt, Saucy Gourmet is heating up kitchens, restaurants, and grocery aisles nationwide. The brand has unveiled its latest flavor, Salsa Verde, which will be available in stores and online for salsa enthusiasts to try.

David Blonsky, Founder, Saucy Gourmet"I set out to create the freshest tasting salsas and sauces in the market. I want people to be able to create and enjoy memorable meals to share with their friends and family," said Founder chef David Blonsky.

Blonsky founded the South Florida-based company in 2020, launching in Whole Foods Market and soon becoming a household name for those seeking gourmet vegan salsa. According to a release, Saucy Gourmet is made with seven fresh ingredients and contains no added sugars.

Currently, there are four unique flavors with varying heat profiles. They include Chipotle Salsa, Classic Salsa, Habanero Sales, and the newly released Salsa Verde. The latest mild offering can be enjoyed as a dip, marinade, or cooking sauce, and features only six ingredients.

Saucy Gourmet revealed a hot new addition to its portfolio: Salsa Verde

"After creating Saucy's original recipes, I realized that the most underrated salsa, Salsa Verde, needed a place in the market. All ingredients are slow-roasted and blended together to make the most amazing and versatile Salsa Verde available," added Blonsky.

Saucy Gourmet products are available across the Southern Region in 1,200 grocery stores, including Publix, Ingles Market, Whole Foods, and more. Soon, the brand will be available in Texas and throughout the Northeast as it expands into multiple regions in 2023.

For more updates on Saucy Gourmet’s expansion and other exciting launches, stay tuned to Deli Market News.

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