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The Save Mart Companies Partners With Flashfood; Tamara Pattison and Nicholas Bertram Comments

The Save Mart Companies Partners With Flashfood; Tamara Pattison and Nicholas Bertram Comments

Thursday, March 21st, 2024

Increased sustainability, more affordable groceries, and minimized food waste are the result of The Save Mart Companies’ latest strategy. Forging an alliance with Flashfood, the grocer is now connecting shoppers with meat, fresh produce, and other groceries for up to 50 percent off while diverting waste from landfills.

Tamara Pattison, Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, The Save Mart Companies“This partnership underscores our commitment to innovation and leadership in the industry,” said Tamara Pattison, Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer at The Save Mart Companies. “Together, we’re tackling food waste so that the bounty of California’s farms ends up on the dinner table, not in a landfill.”

The Flashfood app is now available at 44 Lucky stores in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and will rapidly expand to all 194 of The Save Mart Companies’ banner locations in California and Western Nevada to fulfill customer demand, a release explained. Using the app, shoppers can select a Lucky store location, purchase discounted items, pay, and pick up their order in-store.

Flashfood has partnered with The Save Mart Companies to bolster sustainability, minimize food waste, and give consumers an affordable grocery optionMore than 11 million tons of food went to waste in 2022 in California alone, equivalent to 19 billion meals (ReFED). Flashfood helps consumers stretch their dollar further on nutritious, high-quality food while reducing the amount of food sent to landfills. In addition, EBT payment capabilities are built into the platform, benefiting the 4.6 million SNAP customers in California.

Nicholas Bertram, Chief Executive Officer, Flashfood“No one wants to live in a world where food goes to waste, while at the same time, families are forced to live with less,” said Nicholas Bertram, Chief Executive Officer at Flashfood. “The Bay Area has long been a place where technology is used to solve humanity’s problems, which is why Flashfood desires to be part of this community. We’re proud to partner with The Save Mart Companies, a retailer that has served shoppers in California for more than 70 years and continues to support the communities they serve.”

DMN will continue to report on this tactical partnership and more, so stick around.

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