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Savencia’s David Frey Talks New Cream Cheese Innovations

Savencia’s David Frey Talks New Cream Cheese Innovations

Wednesday, June 5th, 2019

Just because it’s been like this for as long as we can remember, doesn’t mean it has to be like that forever. Just because real cream cheese has seen no changes in, well forever, doesn’t mean it is impossible. I’m talking, of course, about cream cheese and the messy situations its typical brick format has created for all of us chefs. But Savencia Cheese USA’s latest foodservice solutions are what we’ve been missing all along. I caught up with David Frey, Associate Marketing Manager, to find out more about Savencia’s seriously convenient new cream cheese innovations.

David Frey, Associate Marketing Manager, Savencia“Our biggest innovation, at the moment, is our new pourable cream cheese. It’s a standard of identity cream cheese, touting the same ingredients and nutrition as our regular blocks, but it just so happens to be pourable,” David revealed to me. “Cream cheese is typically filled warm and then firms up. As part of our patented process, our team had to figure out how to make it not firm up so that it was pourable. We’ve done a lot of research in the past year in order to bring something to the foodservice sector that’s convenient, usable, and beneficial, and we believe our pourable cream cheese is all that, and more.”

While David emphasized that the pourable cream cheese product is useful in any recipe, he also noted that its ease-of-use is especially perfect for crowd favorites like icings and frostings, ice cream, and cheesecakes.

“People are really responding to the catch phrase: Rethink Cream Cheese. We’re bringing something new to the category and offering foodservice operators a time-saving and more creative solution,” David explained. “It also adds an extra level of food safety, being able to be used straight from the fridge”

Savencia's new cream cheese product was designed to be convenient, usable, and beneficial to foodservice chefs

To show off all that the new pourable cream cheese can do, Savencia took to the National Restaurant Show a few weeks ago with demos galore to increase foodservice excitement for its new product.

Another product debut Savencia is particularly excited about is its rebranded retail and foodservice line of cream cheese, which now includes new square portions and with low-waste packaging.

“We really wanted to debut a new format that works well in retail and foodservice. The new square portions are on trend: easy snacking for on-the-go and meet the demand for clean, natural products, while also showcasing a new high-quality look,” David explained. “We took the Smithfield brand and highlighted it to celebrate its Pennsylvania roots while also introducing a more modern look.”

Savencia's goal with its new foodservice and retail products was to rethink cream cheese, both in form and packaging

The square portions line is available now in three all-natural flavors: original, chive and onion, and strawberry—the three most common cream cheese flavors. The new pourable cream cheese product, however, will hit foodservice soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

For more new product debuts on the retail and foodservice side of the industry, stay tuned to Deli Market Newsfor the latest coverage.

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