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Schuman Cheese Launches New Products

Schuman Cheese Launches New Products

Monday, January 13th, 2020

Everyone in the industry is abuzz with excitement for this year’s Winter Fancy Food Show (WFFS), as well they should. Companies like Schuman Cheese are gearing up to showcase new products, which automatically generates a thrill in this young trade news writer’s heart. The cheesemaker is set to debut seven new hand-rubbed Fontinas in its Cello line. With vibrant spice blends, these cheeses are sure to be a must-see on the show circuit.

Lauren Dykes, B2B Marketing Manager, Schuman Cheese“Schuman Cheese is synonymous with quality, value, and innovation,” said Lauren Dykes, B2B Marketing Manager. “We pride ourselves on developing and innovating new flavors, products, and formats that keep us at the forefront of the industry.”

According to a press release, Schuman Cheese has innovation at its core, as it constantly looks to anticipate its customers needs.

Schuman Cheese adds new, fun, and exciting flavors to its Cello Fontina line just in time for WFFS

Its Cello Fontinas come in the following flavors:

  • Tuscan: This fontina is hand rubbed with a classic blend of Italian herbs and spices that pair perfectly with the rich and nutty fontina flavor
  • Harissa: A smoky blend of chili, cumin, and caraway seed spices up this creamy fontina with an intense and interesting flavor from North Africa
  • Dijon & Herb: A balanced blend of yellow and brown mustard seed and aromatic spices provides this creamy fontina with a mild and nutty flavor
  • Creamy Dill: The fresh vibrant blend of dill and fragrant summer herbs comes through as tangy and spectacular in this mild cow's milk cheese
  • Bergamot & Hibiscus: An aromatic blend of bergamot tea and hibiscus flower with a citrusy finish hand-rubbed on the creamy fontina
  • Smoky Pepper: A creamy cow's milk cheese hand rubbed with a smoky trio of peppercorn, paprika, and savory warm spices
  • Mayan Cocoa Coffee: An earthy and exotic blend of sweet, spicy Mayan spices is combined with real cocoa and coffee

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