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Sprouts Farmers Market Launches New Plant-Based Burger Line

Sprouts Farmers Market Launches New Plant-Based Burger Line

Tuesday, January 5th, 2021

A new fighter has entered the plant-based burger ring. Sprouts Farmers Market is joining the fray as it recently unveiled its own brand of vegan burgers. The new Plant Based Burger Patties launch expands the retailer’s line of The Butcher Shop offerings.

Matthew Pratta, Culinary Director, Sprouts Farmers Market“Sprouts shoppers are looking for products to meet their specific lifestyles and diets, and trust our stores to offer a wide assortment, including unique and innovative plant-based and vegan options,” said Culinary Director Matthew Pratta in a statement to our sister site ANUK. “Our private label and culinary teams developed the plant-based patties as a better-for-you option that has less saturated fat and calories than other similar products, in part due to the mushrooms added as a functional and nutritious ingredient.”

Found in the frozen meat section, these plant-based burgers come in a pack of two. Rising to consumer demands for a cleaner eating experience, the retailer’s new burgers are made from a blend of portobello mushrooms, pea protein, onion puree, and beets.

Sprouts Farmers Market is expanding its line of The Butcher Shop offerings with the addition of its new Plant Based Burger Patties

The innovative products are now available in Sprouts locations nationwide, bringing a brand-new offering to vegan and vegetarian consumers. Sprouts joins big-name retailers such as Trader Joe’s, Kroger, and Publix, who have released their own plant-based burgers or partnerships to capitalize on consumer demand.

Who will be next to make a move in this dynamic sector? Deli Market News will continue to report as we find out.

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