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Sysco Offers New and Innovative Products For Fall 2021; Judy Sansone Remarks

Sysco Offers New and Innovative Products For Fall 2021; Judy Sansone Remarks

Friday, September 24th, 2021

As the foodservice industry continues to regain its foothold, key partners like Sysco Corporation are more than happy to jump to its aid. The global foodservice distribution company announced the nationwide launch of eight innovative concepts exclusively for Sysco customers through the company’s Cutting Edge Solutions platform.

Judy Sansone, Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, Sysco (Photo credit: NACDS Annual)“Our Cutting Edge Solutions platform helps our customers stay on-trend and ahead of the competition with new and innovative offerings for dine-in, takeout, or delivery while also providing labor saving solutions to support their success in today’s environment,” said Judy Sansone, Sysco’s Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer.

These chef-tested and exclusive products provide foodservice operators with on-trend menu options such as plant-based ingredients as well as innovative to-go solutions that will help them stand out in the ever-evolving foodservice environment.

According to the press release, the Fall 2021 Cutting Edge Solutions products are now available and include:

Innovative and Takeout Friendly

Sysco Classic Tamper Evident Fry Containers ensure that your food will arrive in the same condition it left. Perfect for takeout and delivery, these containers feature a cross-ventilation system that helps fried foods stay fresh, crispy, and delicious.

Sysco Corporation has announced the nationwide launch of eight innovative concepts exclusively for its customers through the company’s Cutting Edge Solutions platform

Moisture removing freshness pack, SAVRpak, rapidly removes and traps water condensation from to-go packaging, keeping food crisp and ready to eat. Utilizing the laws of thermodynamics, SAVRpak preserves the integrity of the food, keeping it fresher and crisper longer, working great on hot and cold foods, freshly cut fruits, entrée salads, vegetables, burger buns, French fries, pizza, and more.

Labor Savings

Sysco’s Classic Sous-Vide Sirloin Steak is made from USDA Choice grade beef. This sous-vide product innovation ensures a perfectly cooked steak every time, and helps operators save on labor while delivering a consistent, quality meal experience to their patrons. Sysco Classic Sous-Vide Sirloin Steak allows any foodservice operator to serve steakhouse quality steaks.

Comfort Foods

Sysco’s Imperial Mashup Desserts are a fun, creamy and delicious, thaw-and serve cheesecakes that will turn dessert into an experiential occasion with mashups of some favorite flavors, including cotton candy, lemon poppy, and apple caramel. These innovative desserts will create Instagram-worthy moments while satisfying patrons’ craving for a bit of sweet nostalgia.

On-trend Plant-based Ingredients

Sysco Simply Plant-Based Cauliflower Tortillas are great-tasting, gluten-free, vegan tortillas/wraps free of egg, dairy, and soy. They perform like traditional tortillas and are an excellent alternative for those customers who want to eliminate or limit gluten in their diet.

Sysco’s innovative releases include conveniences such as tamper-evident containers, freshness packs, ready-made food products, on-trend ingredients, and eco-friendly cups

With a hearty-but-smooth texture, Sysco Simply Plant-Based Sprouted Hamburger Buns are a better-for-you blank canvas for burgers, breakfast sandwiches, bunwiches, and more.

Sysco’s Simply Plant-Based Protein is made of a superfood blend of oats (Pulled Oats), beans, and peas. This versatile and unique, ready-to-prepare plant-based protein ingredient easily replaces meat in any dish.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Sysco’s Earth Plus 100% Recycled Hot Cups are made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled fiber and it’s also recyclable. These cups feature a unique kraft paper design to help operators appeal to customers looking for more sustainable options to reduce their environmental impact.

Sysco is committed to leveraging leading-edge technology and delivering innovative products that will help foodservice operators be more successful. More information on Cutting Edge Solutions can be found on Sysco Foodie including a Fall 2021 Cutting Edge Solutions Webinar with Sysco’s top chefs.

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